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    Meet the Characters – Ned!

    When it comes to keeping the kids entertained, you can always count on DJ Ned.
    Ned’s one of the most popular members of the Seaside Squad at Haven. He’s got a brilliant sense of humour. And, as you might have guessed, he’s our resident DJ.
    We’ve been following him around during summer and already have lots to share with you about our dude with the tunes.
    Let’s get to know him a little better …

    Who’s DJ Ned?

    When you arrive at a Haven park, you get the chance to meet the Funstars and Seaside Squad.
    Ned’s the cool one wearing a blue cap (he’d argue that he’s the coolest of the lot).
    He’s a big fan of partying and LOVES mixing tunes together on his decks.
    But he also gets involved in the character shows, breakfasts and plays.
    Basically, DJ Ned is more than just a DJ … and he gets about the park quite a bit.

    Three funny things to know about Ned

    1. He’s clumsy. And he loses things all the time (especially his CDs).

    So, you’ll sometimes see a Funstar gathering people together to start a search for Ned’s stuff.

    Ned’s always lovable and thankful when the kids help him out – especially if they find his special platinum disc (it has all his mixed tracks on there, like Bruce Springsteen versus Lady Gaga … yep, his mixes are very, erm … mixed).

    2. He can’t resist a slice of cake … or two … or five.

    Whenever Polly’s baking cakes with the kids on a party day, Ned and Greedy often lurk around the kitchen, waiting for a chance to swipe a bit of cake on the sly. It’s up to the kids to warn Polly whenever the hungry duo are sneaking in.

    3. He may act cool … but he’s a big scaredy-cat, really.

    Whenever the characters get into a bit of trouble (during a play or a show), Ned’s usually the first to panic. He reminds me of Rex from the Toy Story movies – always freaking out at the smallest things (it’s hilarious to watch and be a part of, especially for the kids).
    He had everyone in stitches when we watched him in Bradley’s puppet show: ‘Polly I Shrunk the Seaside Squad’. I won’t spoil it, but his squeaky voice is brilliant.

    Want to come and met Ned?

    Want to come and met Ned?

    Where can you find DJ Ned?

    Other than standing behind his precious DJ decks, there’s one special activity that Ned likes to spend a lot of time doing …

    Ned’s Tots & Tunes!

    With the help of a FunStar or two, Ned welcomes babies, toddlers, mums, dads and guardians, to this interactive musical session. Then he sits everybody around in a nice big circle.

    The session’s all about developing the youngster’s movement skills … with help from Ned’s famous box of tunes (all the classics are in there, from Incey Wincey Spider to Gangnam Style!). He brings the box out and the FunStars select some lucky kids to each pick out a tune.

    When it plays, Ned leads the dancing and singing for everyone to follow – it’s amazing when the tots join in and dance at the same time. It’s even better if one of them starts to chuckle (because that usually means everyone else starts to chuckle). Sometimes, Ned brings some instruments to play along with too.

    The whole session can last between 30 minutes and an hour. If the timing’s right and the toddlers are in a smiley mood, it really can be one of them family holiday moments you remember forever. And that’s probably why Ned loves his job so much.

    Here’s a video of him in action (keep an eye out for a special guest appearance from another fun-loving member of the Seaside Squad):

    Leave a message for DJ Ned

    Ned might be a bit clumsy. He might like to stuff his face with cake. And he might get super excited wheneverthere’s a funky beat involved. But he’s one of the most loving characters we have on the parks, who enjoys nothing more than making new friends.

    If you want to leave a message for him here, use the comments below. We’ll send your note onto him and, knowing Ned, he’ll probably want to reply to you himself. And don’t forget to send us your pictures with Ned if you have them – we can even share them on our Facebook page if you like (just let us know you’re okay with it first).

    Pssst! … one more thing: Keep a look out for more characters this summer. Next up, it’s Greedy!