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    Meet the Characters : Rory!

    At Haven we have a whole team of FunStars to keep you and your family entertained. In fact, we recently wrote a blog post about how much fun they are .
    But it’s not just our hundreds of FunStars who make holidays here special.
    Our parks are also home to the Seaside Squad – six fun-loving characters who are the life and soul of parks.
    Each week we’ll be putting the spotlight on a different character – telling you who they are, what they’re like and most importantly, how you can meet them!
    This month we’re kicking things off with Rory the Tiger!

    Who’s Rory?

    Rory is the big, friendly tiger on park. He’s a natural leader and loves getting children involved in his games and activities. He’d also describe himself as a bit of a surf dude so catch him at Perran Sands for some top boogie boarding tips.
    Above all Rory loves having fun and he’s always playing pranks on his friends… he’s a real cheeky chappy. It’s all in good fun though and a day with him wouldn’t be the same without his joking around!
    So if Rory sounds like the kind of tiger your kids would like to hang on with, let’s check out where you can meet him.

    Rory hanging out with OCD who will touring our parks this season

    Rory hanging out with OCD who will touring our parks this season

    Character breakfasts

    One way to make your kids’ holiday extra special is to wake up to a character breakfast.
    Each morning while the kids are enjoying their cereal and the adults are drinking their morning coffee, Rory and his friends come down to greet everyone for a new day at Haven.
    This is the perfect opportunity to take a picture with him and, as you can imagine, his fun-loving nature puts everyone in a good mood in the morning!

    Kids clubs

    Alternatively, your kids could spend the day with Rory at one of our kids’ clubs.
    He loves making friends with the kids on park – whatever their age – so you’ll catch him at all four of our kids’ clubs.
    Some of Rory’s favourite activities are beach rounders, football and playing Frisbee and he always wants to be the winner so make sure your kids bring their competitive spirit.

    What does Rory do to relax? Play pool of course!

    What does Rory do to relax? Play pool of course!

    Birthday breaks

    You could even bring your kids to meet Rory on an extra special birthday break.
    Rory’s birthday break takes place between Monday 6th and Friday 9th May 2014 so if your child’s birthday falls around that time, why not bring them to celebrate with him?
    Your child will get traditional party games, enjoy a character birthday show and even get a birthday photo with their favourite Haven tiger!
    If their birthday falls at a different time of year, look out for when the other characters are celebrating their birthdays.
    Eager to get to know Rory? Then come down to one of our Haven parks and meet him yourself!