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    Meet Dodger: The four-legged star of the TV ad

    Have you seen our new TV advert yet? Well if you have, you will have spotted the four-legged star of the show, Dodger the dog!

    We heard that Dodger had a very interesting story, so we asked loving owner, Sonia, some questions to find out what really gets his tail wagging!

    Where and when did you get Dodger?

    Dodger came from the fabulous charity, Dogs Trust, in Evesham, Worcestershire. Sonia and husband Tom adopted him in November 2007.

    It was estimated that we was a 9 to 10 month old puppy when they adopted him, possibly a year old at the very most. He’s now a fit and still very lively 12+ year old Westie-Jack Russell Cross.

    Was he wandering the streets?

    He was picked up by the dog warden, after being found wandering the streets somewhere in the Bradford area. With no collar and micro chip, he stayed at the kennels for seven days to see if an owner came to collect him. From there, he was brought to the Dogs Trust for re-homing. Dodger was very thin and absolutely filthy – needing three baths to reveal his true colour!

    When Sonia and Tom first saw him on a visit to see another dog, he had already been offered a new home, but they put their names down as a reserve, just in case. They called it fate. Luckily for them, that home didn’t work out, so the phone call came to see if they were still interested. Without hesitation, they went straight there, had the opportunity to take him for a walk and get to know him, and within moments with him, they were hooked!

    What other productions has Dodger starred in?

    How long have we got?! Dodger has graced our screens in many adverts, including our very own! He’s also found stardom in films such as Spider-Man, Justice League, Burke & Hare and Mary Queen of Scots. He’s one of the regulars with Paul O’Grady in For The Love of Dogs, And of course… Doc Martin!

    We think he deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

    What are his most impressive talents?

    Like his credits, he has so many. He can sit up and wave, limp, faint, roll himself up in a blanket, hide his eyes, cross his front paws, scoot his back feet, jump into your arms, touch an object with either front foot, and rip up a newspaper on command. He’s always adding to the list!

    Time for some fun facts. What is Dodger’s favourite:

    Snack? Absolutely anything! The saying goes: “You can take a dog off the street, but you can’t take the street out of the dog.” As a street dog doesn’t know when they may get their next meal, they eat anything and everything, and Dodger sure still does this. He’s even been known to try and prize a sticky street off the pavement!

    Toy? He loves a ball and a tugging game.

    Way to spend his time? Dodger loves his walks, and then sleeping on a chair or in the sunshine. But he also loves to work as hard as he plays! Show him a film set and he comes alive… like the George Clooney of the canine world.

    Thing to do on holiday? Although it’s ‘work’, he adores filming for Doc Martin in Cornwall. He loves the beautiful countryside walks and stunning beaches. The TV star enjoys swimming, digging in the sand, and, much to Sonia’s embarrassment, there are always plenty of family picnics to raid!

     Here’s Dodger in action!