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    Meet the team: the rangers

    We are back with another meet the team blog and this time we bring you our wonderful team of rangers! Our rangers are a fantastic addition to the Haven team and help to show you how to explore the great outdoors and learn more about nature!


    Job Title: Park Ranger at Quay West

    Job Description: My job is to help guests at our park to discover nature and engage with their environment!

    Length of Service: 3 years

    Why we love our jobs: My job is amazing as I get to introduce people to the wonders of the great outdoors and the joys of bushcraft.

    Favourite thing about the park: My butterfly gardens!

    Local Top Tip: Pop down to New Quay Harbour in the early evening, buy a bag of chips and sit up on the harbour arm to eat them. Here you have a really good chance of seeing some of the amazing dolphins and porpoises that populate the local waters.



    Job Title: Park Ranger at Church Farm

    Job Description: I deliver fun and exciting Nature & Bushcraft activities to all ages from teaching how to make fires (my personal favourite) to building Nest boxes for wild birds.

    Length of Service: 3 years

    Why we love our jobs: I love my job as I have a passion for the outdoors and for bush craft. It is an amazing challenge and I am continuously learning and I love teaching everything I learn to the guests that come onsite.

    Favourite thing about the park: Church Farm is next to a beautiful Lagoon which has some rare wildlife.

    Local Top Tip: We have a stunning Nature Reserve and rare wildlife to look at when going on walks and in the evening the bats come out and give a lovely aerial show when feeding.



    Job Title: Park Ranger at Hafan y Môr

    Job Description: Helping families to explore the woods and have adventures with fire-lighting, den-building & foraging as well as walks and craft activities!

    Length of Service: 3 years as a park ranger but have been working on the Gardens team since 1990!

    Why we love our jobs: I love my job as I get to inspire the whole family to explore the natural world

    Favourite thing about the park: I love that Hafan y Môr is the ideal location as it has an awesome coastline and woodland to explore!

    Local Top Tip: When foraging, never munch on a hunch!



    Job Title: Park Ranger at Kiln Park

    Job Description: My job is to encourage and inspire our guests and owners to engage with the outdoors and all things green. To break down barriers so that they can take their experience on park home and continue to enjoy nature in their everyday lives.

    Length of Service: One year and three months

    Why we love our jobs: I love my job as everyday is different, the people who participate, the sessions that I run and the flora and fauna available to talk about is always changing. I also love the fact that this job allows me to be creative and all in an outdoor setting!

    Favourite thing about the park: My favourite thing is the wetland around the park. It is great habitat for wildlife meaning otters, dragonflies and stickleback fish can often be spotted!

    Local Top Tip: I love the Stackpole estate, which is also known as the ‘Lily ponds’. It has 100 acres of lakes, which is lovely to walk around and picnic.  Also Daps Baps in the Penally lay-by does amazing burgers and breakfast baps!



    Job Title: Park Ranger at Lydstep Beach

    Job Description: My job is to create ways for people of all ages and all walks of life to engage with their natural environment. I am also responsible for the ecological management of the park, protecting and creating new habitats / wild spaces for local wildlife to colonise and expand into!

    Length of Service: 6 years

    Why we love our jobs: I love the variety and diversity of my job! One minute I could be leading a bug hunt and the next teaching people navigation skills or running a rock climbing or kayaking, session so it’s always exciting!

    Favourite thing about the park: My favourite thing is our woodland. We have acres and acres of it – it makes a wonderful playground!

    Local Top Tip: You can go and visit our local museum – the oldest museum in Wales!


     Fun Facts

    • Did you know that all of our rangers have completed the NCFE Bush Craft and Wilderness Skills Qualification?
    • The group photo at the top was taken after the rangers had spent 3 days wild camping under the stars in the deepest and darkest parts of Devon at Escot Estate, learning about bush craft and survival techniques where temperatures reached -4 degrees!

    Have you experienced any of our Nature Rockz activities with our park rangers yet? Let us know what you got up to in the comment section below! Also share your photos with us on FB, Instagram and Twitter!

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