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    Meet the Team: Retail

    These are the people that serve you tasty meals in the mash and barrel, help you find the perfect souvenir from the shop and supply your fish and chips by the beach – it’s the Rockley Park retail team!


    Job title: Mash & Barrel Team Leader 

    Job Description: I assist team managers with day to day jobs 

    Length of Service: 3 years 

    Why I love my job: I have made some amazing friends here and also met my fiancé through work

    Favourite thing about the park: Getting to know a whole variety of team, customers and owners. There is always something to do! 

    Local Top Tip: Poole Quay is my favourite place to go off park and is just a short drive away. It offers a whole host of pubs and restaurants and also has theme nights such as their famous biker night on a Tuesday! 



    Job title: Mash & Barrel 2nd Chef

    Job Description: Organising and assisting the day to day running of the kitchen. Preparing orders and supervising the team. 

    Length of service: 7 years

    Why I love my job: I love how social the job is, and how I can meet great new team every year.

    Favourite thing about park: There is always something happening whilst I’m at work and on my days off so I’m always entertained! 

    Local Top Tip: I love being outdoors and that’s why Rockley is so great for me as there are loads of places nearby to go fishing and kayaking. 



    Job title: Front of house in Harbourside fish restaurant 

    Job Description: Making sure the guests at Rockley enjoy some lovely fish and chips by the sea! 

    Length of service: Since the start of the season 

    Why I love my job: I love meeting new people and being part of a big team

    Favourite thing about park: There is so much to do at Rockley you will never get bored! 

    Local Top Tip: Take a trip into Poole town centre as it is only a short bus ride away and has some great shopping, arcades and some stunning views. 



    Job title: Wonderstore shop assistant

    Job Description: Serving customers on the till in the wonderstore, helping customers in the store and helping children find the right toy for them!

    Length of service: Since the beginning of the season

    Why I love my job: I love working so closely with customers as they are always very friendly and polite. The team are easy going too and it’s very social

    Favourite thing about park: There is always something for customers of all ages to do.

    Local Top Tip: There are some great dog walks on the heath by Rockley beach, it has stunning views and is really easily accessible from park. 



    What are your favourite memories from Rockley Park? Let us know in the comment section below!