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    Meet the team: Seaside Squad

    We’ve brought many meet the team blogs to you now so we thought it was time to bring you everyone’s favourite – it’s meet the Seaside Squad! You may have gotten to know the Seaside Squad quite well during your holiday, but here’s some secrets you may not know!

    Rory the Tiger 

    Personality: Rory is probably the coolest guy you know. He’s calm, collected, and has lots of energy! Rory really is a cheeky chappy who loves playing practical jokes on his friends – no day would be the same without Rory’s joking around.

    Favourite thing to do: Surfing! When you come to Haven you’ll probably find Rory surfing some waves on the beach. He works in the surf shack so head on down with your friends for a good time.

    Style: Rory really is a cool surfer dude so you won’t catch him without his surf shorts and Hawaiian shirt on!

    What he loves most about Haven: Joking around with all his friends, meeting new people everyday and having non stop fun with everyone that comes on park.



    Personality: Bradley is a fun loving bear but like most bears he needs his rest so loves a snooze in a deck chair in the summer sun. Bradley is very responsible so you know you’ll always be safe when he’s around.

    Favourite thing to do: As head of beach patrol, Bradley loves a good walk on the beach, followed by a nice big ice cream! Bradley also loves nature, so you’ll often see him on nature trails and bug hunting.

    Style: Bradley is a very well-dressed bear and always looks smart in his beach patrol uniform.

    What he loves most about Haven: Bradley loves how close we are to the beach and waking up in the morning to the sound of the sea. He also loves that there is plenty of open space on park so you can run around in fresh air and burn off some energy.


    Anxious the Elephant

    Personality: Anxious is a happy go lucky, sweet-natured dreamer who loves having fun.

    Favourite thing to do: Anxious lives to make others happy, and she does this by running the beach ice-cream shop and handing out delicious ice-creams to everyone on park! Anxious also loves pretty pink sparkly things and having fun with friends.

    Style: Anxious loves wearing her pretty blue apron and little hat. She wears it at all times so she’s ready to serve up ice creams to whoever wants them! 

    What she loves most about Haven: Anxious loves going to kids clubs, chatting with friends and guests and having an ice-cream on the beach looking out over our amazing views.



    Personality: Greedy really is a cheeky monkey, he’s a born joker and loves monkeying about with his pals! You’ll often see him running about and causing mischief on park! 

    Favourite thing to do: Aside from eating bananas (which Greedy loves) Greedy also loves fixing things. He is the hire shop mechanic so loves getting his hands dirty, you will often see him with a spanner in one hand and a banana in the other! 

    Style: Although he’s a born joker, Greedy is a hard worker too. You’ll normally find him wearing his work mechanic overalls and 9/10 they will be dirty! 

    What Greedy loves most about Haven: The restaurants! If you haven’t guessed from his name…Greedy loves to eat! If he’s not hanging out at the Mash and Barrel then you might catch him in the chippy, or grabbing a slice of pizza at Pappa John’s, or even relaxing on the beach with an ice-cream!



    Personality: Ned really is a laid back kinda guy. He loves relaxing on the beach but he also loves a party and showing off his moves to impress his friends.

    Favourite thing to do: Ned loves nothing more than swinging in his hammock, looking out to sea with a smoothie in hand and blaring his music across the beach.

    Style: Ned has always got his cool cap on – he’s a real cool party dude so he’s always looking groovy. 

    What Ned loves most about Haven: Ned loves working as Rory’s sidekick in the surf shack, but he also loves a party – so whenever there’s a party at Haven – expect to see Ned on the dance floor pulling some crazy moves!



    Personality: Polly is like everyone’s big sister, she may be a little bossy and a bit of a diva at times, but she’s there for everyone and you can always rely on her when it’s time for action! 

    Favourite thing to do: Swim of course! As the beach life guard – Polly loves splashing about in the sea and the pools at Haven. Polly is a real sporty girl so she loves getting stuck into anything that can show off her sporty skills! 

    Style: As our beach lifeguard Polly is always on duty. You’ll never catch her without her wonderful lifeguard uniform on, her bright red trainers and her hair in bunches. 

    What Polly loves most about Haven: Polly loves how close the beach is to the pool – so she’s never too far from the water! Polly also loves playing on the sports courts so she can show off her skills. 



    Who is your favourite member of the Seaside Squad? What are your favourite memories of them from park? 

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