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    Creating mini stars at Haven!

    Ever wished you had started your favourite sport at a younger age? Ever imagine how good you could be now if you had started younger? Well your little ones can with mini sports at Haven!

    Sports aren’t just for the big kids and grown ups – mini sports is designed for 3-5 year olds so they can learn new skills and try their little hands at some brand new sports!

    Sports on offer for our mini athletes include archery, fencing, football, tennis, and even tag rugby!

    Mini Archery


    Mini archery uses plastic bows and arrows and allows your little ones practise their aim as they shoot towards the target. Watch their excitement when they get the perfect shot!

    Mini Fencing


    Mini fencing is the perfect sport for you and your little one to play together! Have some fun and mess around as you battle it out with foam swords!

    To find out more about sports and activities at Haven click here!

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    Mini Football


    Everyone loves a good kick about and football is fun for all ages! Help them find their soccer feet young as they learn basic ball work and the rules of the game. (This one also involves a lot of running around so a great way to tire the kids out!)

    Mini Tennis


    Let them try something they may not have done before with mini tennis! Basic tennis skills are a great thing for the kids to learn before they start school, get them ahead of the class by allowing them to practice some moves and have fun on the court!


    Have your little ones tried any of our mini sports yet? Let us know how they got on in the comment section below!