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    My Haven Holiday by Natasha Hamilton

    Inspired by her own childhood seaside holidays, Natasha Hamilton from Atomic Kitten fame, headed to North Wales to spend an Easter break with her family.

    When I found out that Natasha Hamilton was visiting our Presthaven Beach Resort in Prestatyn I couldn’t contain my excitement (my 10 year old self would be so proud!)
    Natasha is known for being a third of the UK’s most internationally successful girl group of the last 10 years, Atomic Kitten, who’s hits include ‘Whole again’, ‘Tide is high’, and ‘Eternal Flame’.

    With a tour coming up with the Kittens, Natasha came on a well deserved break with us at Haven and she couldn’t wait to tell us all about it…

    Driving down to Prestatyn on Easter Saturday, you would be forgiven for thinking it was the height of summer. Not a cloud in the sky, views of the gloriously approaching coast line and my four children hugely excited as we drove through little Welsh villages singing along the way!

    natasha and daughter

    We arrived at Haven and met my mum, dad, sister and nephew. All the boys got stuck into the swing park straight away while my and I checked in. The service was prompt and we were given our welcome pack with all the information on the park we needed. So far so good!

    giant spade and bucket

    We were staying in the Knightsbridge 8 berth caravan which boasted 3 double rooms, a bathroom with a bath! (First time I’ve had a caravan with a bath) one with an ensuite, a lovely kitchen diner and spacious living room with a great wooden veranda leading from it. It overlooked a large grassy area which the kids made an instant bee-line towards the minute they spotted it resulting in countless mini football tournaments!



    It took a few hours for the kids to calm down after being so hyped up, but once settled we all got dressed up and headed to the indoor entertainment area. We pitched up near the bar (dads favourite place) and then took the kids into the arcade where they enjoyed spending the pennies they saved up for the trip.

    Me and my sister joined in with some dancing with the little ones, Ella loved all the music and watching the other kids running round and Alfie and my nephew Frankie enjoyed joining in with the characters on the stage.

    boys on chair
    We arrived around 6pm and we stayed until the main act came on around 9pm. It was one of last year’s Britain’s Got Talent acts, an impersonator who told jokes and was really good fun. There was literally hours of entertainment provided so the kids never got bored, by 9.30pm there were a few sleepy heads so we headed back to our caravan and enjoyed chilling in our pj’s after a long and enjoyable day.

    baby selfit

    Easter Sunday

    We were up early to go swimming. Mum cooked a full English then we headed down to the indoor pool. We had far too much fun in the outdoor lazy river, which was Alfie’s favourite place…that and the water slide. The pool was perfect and lovely and warm too. After the water fun, we headed back to the caravan for a delicious roast lamb & played some games. After a well deserved nap, we went out for a stroll on the beach then played football outside the caravan. The kids made friends with other children in near by caravans and played on bikes & scooters till it went dark. All the girls stayed in that night and all the boys went to the arcade & watched the entertainment.



    I organised an Easter egg hunt around the grounds of the caravan & on the beach. We played games on the sand like egg & spoon races & hopping races.

    Everyone was chomping at the bit to go go-karting so we all headed there. It was brilliant seeing Alfie & my little nephews faces light up as they went whizzing round with my mum and sister! Next up was me, josh and Harry…it all got a bit too competitive, mainly because I was leading and wouldn’t let anyone past. So Harry deployed a sabotage tactic and kept bumping in to me…alas I had to stop and he over took me! His older brother wasn’t impressed with his tactics at all as he kept saying he’d sabotaged the race…..nothing like a good bit of family rivalry on the race track.


    We chilled on the beach for quite a while afterwards as the sun came out and the skies were a glorious blue, we even had our factor 30 on and still caught the sun. The beach at Haven is so clean and beautiful with amazing wildlife to be spotted everywhere. It wasn’t too busy and had a nice number of families pitched up picnicing and playing games on the sand.

    son and daughter on the beach
    The boys loved watching the tide come in really quickly and watching everyone move back into the beach. I took Ella up to the water and dipped my feet in but it was freezing so I didn’t go in any further. That day we enjoyed ice-creams & building sand castles and the boys created a moat around where we sat. Later on back at the caravan we had fish & chips from the on site choppy which were delicious and then the boys stayed up watching movies on the pull out bed in the living room. Mean while Alfie & Ella enjoyed kicking mummy in bed as they slept:)

    boys on the beach

    We had an activity pass while we were there which you can buy and there’s so many activities to choose from.
    Josh and Harry went on the gliders & kayaking and Alfie loved jumping on the trampoline, he said to me, ‘Mummy, it felt like I touched the sky!’ Watching him was priceless.

    'I can touch the sky!'

    ‘I can touch the sky!’

    Harry and Josh loved taking the go karts out and having a bit of freedom around the caravan site. All the boys made so many friends and were really sad to leave. It was just like watching a replay of my time in the caravan as a kid watching them laugh and joking with new found friends and getting upset when they had to say goodbye. They exchanged numbers and had photos taken before we left, it was so sweet to see how much fun they had the time we where there.


    A fantastic family break with so much to do and see, I can honestly say there wasn’t one single moment anyone got bored and our accommodation was superb. I think there’ll be many more memories made at Haven in the future

    Natasha x’