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    Natasha Hamilton enjoys a summertime stay at Haven

    What can I say about Haven? A place where so many amazing memories are made every year by so many families and friends. Once again this year, I took my children to Haven’s Presthaven Beach Resort with my sister and nephew and then when the weekend came my parents joined us too.

    From the moment you arrive driving through the resort, you can’t help but smile. So many children running about, making friends. Go carts that can be hired and driven around the parks for as long as you want. Families setting up picnics in either the gardens of their caravans or nestling amongst the sand dunes. Every single day at Haven can be as adventurous or as relaxed as you like. There’s a massive entertainment schedule that spans from the morning right until late evening or you can just spend your days chilling on the beach or having fun on the lazy river or playing crazy golf.


    When we arrived we just took our time to settle in. The kids instantly made friend with other kids in caravans that were near by and before we knew it , they were all having a water fight outside and laughing & joking along with new friends. That evening we enter the music quiz in the bar which was great fun. We all got slightly competitive and the kids were made up when we came second. My son Alfie & nephew Frankie became obsessed with the merry-go-round in the arcade and we watched them go whizzing around at least 10 times!

    The next day we woke to glorious sunshine and we headed the beach. The kids loved climbing the high dunes and running down them. We paddled in the sea & had a picnic.

    Go karting is probably a favourite of ours. I got a bit carried away trying to win the race and ended up spinning out and Harry won. He found it very amusing that mum came last!

    Ella is at that age where she wants to explore constantly so a few times a day we would head to the park, the whole time she would be pushing her pram around and then she’d often stop by the restaurant where you could hear the music playing and have a little dance.

    In the daytime you can book to do activities at the pool. The younger boys chose the Aqua Gliders and absolutely loved it. The freedom they had just to steer themselves across the water was brilliant and at the end they didn’t want to get off. The older boys chose the Aqua Jets which looked very James Bond. They had a propeller inside of them and they pulled you along under water.


    There was also den building , archery and friendship band making classes that they boys all did.

    Ella loved getting involved with the children’s disco in the evenings. At first she was a bit shy but after a while she had worked her way to the front by the stage, clapping and dancing along with the music.

    On our last night we booked a roller disco and we had an amazing time. I’ve not had roller boots on my feet for many years so I was a bit rusty at first but it didn’t take long to remember how to do it. Me and my sister were pulling each other along holding hangs, it was a really nice moment. My son Harry wanted to know how to skate backwards and one of the staff spent time with him teaching him some tricks.



    Our caravan was fantastic and so spacious. We spent the odd night chilling when the younger kids where tired, watching films and cooking some nice food. It was lovely to chill out on the veranda when the kids had all gone to bed and have a few wines and gab with my sister.

    Haven is whatever you want to make of it….chilled back and carefree or adventurous and  fun packed. As soon as we have to leave, the kids all say when are we coming back next!….Until next time, we have got all our lovely memories and stories to tide us over until then.

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