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    National Marine Week: 23rd July – 7th August

    National Marine Week is soon approaching and people up and down the country will be celebrating the fascinating wildlife that lives within our seas. Do you like dolphins? Basking sharks? Grey seals or puffins? If yes then you should definitely get on board with National Marine Week!

    National Marine Week

    Every year The Wildlife Trusts celebrates the UK’s marine animals and plants during National Marine week. 

    From rock pooling to dolphin spotting, nature walks to snorkelling, National Marine Week is celebrated in different ways all over the country. This year National Marine week will be taking place from 23rd July – 7th August. Click here to find your local Wildlife Trust to see what you could get up to this week!

    Haven and the MCS

    At Haven we love the UK coast and are proud of our pristine beaches, and love the marine wildlife that lives amongst our seas. That’s why we felt that teaming up with The Marine Conservation Society was a great idea!

    Haven have been working with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) since 2016 to help protect the shores and marine wildlife in the UK. Haven have a long standing history in coastal conservation and protecting the local environment so teaming up with MCS to help spread the message made perfect sense to us.

    And what better time to share our success than National Marine Week? We have recently donated over £45,000 to the MCS, to help tackle pollution and the problem of plastic waste in the marine environment, and make our beaches a happier and safer place for holidaymakers and marine life alike!

    31 of our holiday parks based around England and Scotland have contributed towards this donation through the sales of 5p carrier bags in stores on their park.

    When the 5p carrier bag charges were introduced across the country, it seemed the perfect fit to donate the sales of this charge straight to the MCS, who can help spread the message and directly tackle the problems in our marine environment.

    The MCS were first established in 1983 and have achieved major success in protecting threatened marine wildlife, growing fishstocks and making UK beaches and seawater cleaner with the help of their annual Beachwatch events.

    We love the work MCS do for the UK seaside and are proud  of the commitment we have made to the charity, and look forward to developing this in the future!

    What’s your favourite marine animal? Are you celebrating National Marine Week? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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