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    Bradley and friends celebrate National Teddy Bear Picnic Day

    Bradley Bear has gathered all the Seaside Squad to celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic day!

    Grabbing a picnic basket and blanket, Bradley popped down to the park to enjoy the sunshine… and invited all his seaside friends too! See how he hosted the perfect Teddy Bears Picnic below:

    Picnic Invitations

    Let your bear-buddies know about your picnic plans, by sending them a teddy-themed invitation! Get creative by making some paw-fect teddy bear puns.

    Location, location, location…

    Choosing a picnic spot is a very important decision. Your teddy bears and guests need to feel comfortable and relaxed whist snacking on their picnic food. A popular spot is often in a green space with the shade of trees, so your picnic is sheltered from the sun and your guests don’t overheat! If you’re visiting our Haven parks, go for a different view and host your picnic along the shore of our British Coastline! The teddies would love the sea breeze and beach views.

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    Costume Ideas / Teddy Bear Headbands

    Dress like your favourite bear! Put something soft and fluffy on, and channel your inner teddy bear! Alternatively, make your own teddy bear headbands, by fixing some fluffy ears to a plain, simple headband.

    Best Dressed Bear Competition

    Who has the best bear style? Dress your bear for the momentous occasion, and host a competition for the best dressed bear. Get those fancy frocks out!

    Teddy Bear Sandwiches

    Take this themed picnic to the next level, by cutting out sandwiches into the shape of teddy bears! Why stop there? Bake some cookies and use the bear-shaped cookie cutter to create your own miniature edible bears!

    Gummy Bear Treats

    Sweet treat time! Give your guests little packets of gummy bears to snack on during you teddy bear picnic.

    Teddy Bear Games

    Once all your fluffy friends have finished from their meals, entertain them with a game or two.

    Teddy Bear Games

    • What’s the time, Mr Bear?
    • Teddy Bear Hunt
    • Sleeping Bears (like Sleeping Lions)
    • Colouring Activities
    • Design a Bear Outfit


    Draw and design your favourite teddy bear outfit, or join in on a teddy bear hunt…

    Story Time

    Have a story telling session. Invite your guests to bring their favourite teddy bear related book, and to read out to all the guests and bears. Everyone has a favourite bear story!