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    Nature reserves in Somerset

    Our best blogging bud is back! Jack’s here to tell us about the best Nature Reserves in Somerset, as well as how to make your own…

    Nature Reserves in Somerset

    Shapwick Heath

    At Shapwick there is a huge variety of habitats which are home to a huge variety of wildlife, whether it’s from Wildflower meadows to spotting the elegant otter you’ll be guaranteed to have a great family day out getting up close and personal with nature at its finest!



    Ham Wall

    There are over 3 miles of nature trails here taking all around the reserve, so that you can take in all of the sights and smells of nature close up. Not to fear your furry friend can come along to, just as long as you keep them on a lead they are more than welcome to come and enjoy in with the fun!

    Westhay Moor

    Westhay moor has a wheel chair friendly bird watching area, to get to them you follow an easy going flat boardwalk. This one is also dog friendly just as long as you have your furry friend on a lead. Westhay moor is home to some star species: osprey, bittern, otter, banded demoiselle


    How can you make your own mini nature reserve in your garden?

    Bee Hotel
    Cut up bamboo sticks into 10-20cm long pieces, bundle them all together with a pieces of string, hang the hotel in a sunny, but sheltered spot and wait for the bees arrive and enjoy the home you have given them! Spiders and others bugs may also use it too.

    Here's the Bug Hotel at Wild Duck!

    Here’s the Bug Hotel at Wild Duck!

    Deadwood Pile for Beetles
    Collect Logs, Twigs, Sticks, Bark and dead leaves bundle them all up in a big pile somewhere in shady spot in your garden, doing this will attract hibernating toads and hedgehogs during the winter months, leave the pile to rot and over time this will create the perfect condition for many insects!

    Ladybird Hotel
    All you need is chicken wire, pine cones, scissors and sting, cut the chicken wire to a size of about 50-60cm place the pine cones in the centre lift up the edges of the chicken around the pine cones tie the top together with the string and hang somewhere sheltered and enjoy!

    Have you visited any of these places?
    Or will you be making your own Nature Reserve? 

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