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    Nature Rockz: Bugs – Playing Cards

    To keep you entertained when you’re not on a holiday with Haven or while you’re chilling in your caravan we’ve made our own Nature Rockz playing cards game!

    The first edition will include all different types of bugs from the ones you see everyday in your garden such as ants, bumblebees and flies to the more difficult to spot millipedes, crickets and dragonflies.

    The Rules

    • The cards are dealt out equally
    • One person will choose a category from their top card and read it out (eg. legs 6)
    • Everybody else will then read their score from the same category, the person with the highest wins the cards
    • You keep playing until one person is left with all the cards and is the winner!

    You can play with from as little as two of you to as many as the whole family, and it’s easy to understand so there shouldn’t be any confusing moments – we hope!

    Plus we’re hoping you might learn a little something about the wonders of nature at the same time with our ‘Fun Facts’ about all of the different animals featured on the cards.

    Keep an eye out for more editions of our Nature Rockz playing cards in the coming months!




    You can download the playing cards here, let us know who wins in your house!


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