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    Nature Rockz – Park Explorer!

    It’s time to get Exploring and with the help of Haven you may find things you would never have seen before! Plus meet Primrose Valley’s Ranger and see some of the wildlife he’s found when he went exploring…

    What is Park Explorer?

    Park  Explorer is the chance to grab the whole family and get outdoors! Go on a guided tour around the park discovering the Mini Beasts that may liver there or you could learn about the different species of birds which visit and live on the park.

    Can you tell us more?

    As there is so much to see on the park we don’t want you to miss a thing so we have split Park Explorer in to sections,such as ‘Pirates treasure hunt’.  We’ll give you a checklist of different Wildlife and plants around the park and once you have found all ten, we’ll give you a clue that will help you find the treasure!


    An Ammonite found at Primrose Valley!

    An Ammonite found at Primrose Valley!


    That sounds fun! What else is Park Explore? You keep talking about Mini Beasts…

    You can also go on a Mini Beast Safari! Take part in a guided tour and explore the park and discover which mini beasts are hiding on the park, learn the best places to find them and some interesting facts about a bugs life.

    What other wildlife will we see?

    As well as wildlife on land you can learn about what life there is in the ponds and in the sky!
    You can have fun learning about about the different species of birds that call Haven or home or may be visiting just like you! We’ll also help you make your own bird food. In the meantime you can watch the video below to get some top tips to wow the Rangers when your on park…

    Anything else?

    Go Explore is great way to find out about the parks heritage and history!


    One of the Mini Beasts found...friendlier than it looks promise!

    One of the Mini Beasts found…friendlier than it looks promise!

    Meet The Ranger…. Bear Willz at Primrose Valley!

    • Name:
    Will Williamson aka BearWillz

    • Age:

    • Location:
    Primrose Valley

    • How long have you been a ranger with Haven?:
    5 months paid but in reality 35.5 years as I was born to do it.

    • What did you do before joining Haven?:
    All sorts from Transparent Wall Engineering and Food Standards Officer to
    Window Cleaner. I also worked on the Deli in Tesco’s!

    Come say hello to this little Greenfinch at Primrose!

    Come say hello to this little Greenfinch at Primrose!

    • What is the best part of your role?:
    Working with children as kids really do say the funniest things.
    Me: “What is the first thing you should try and do for survival if you find yourself washed up on a dessert island?”
    Child: “Phone your mum!!!”

    • Which part of nature Rockz do you like the best?
    I have really enjoyed fossil hunting (see the pic “Ammonite found at PV”)

    • Top tip for survival?
    Be prepared for the worst but expect the best.

    • Favourite wildlife experience?
    Getting up close and personal with all sorts of wildlife. (see the pic “Greenfinch” “parasitic wasp”)
    Oh and felling my first tree!!!

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