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    Nature Rockz – The Coast!

    We’re coming to the end of our Nature Rockz series and this week it’s all about the coast!

    We love the Seaside at Haven, some may even call it a little obsessive but we don’t mind because we think the coast is one of the best things about Britain.
    It’s rich in history and provides some of the best views in world, as well as some of the best natural playgrounds.
    It’s for this reasons that we had give The Coast it’s very own section in Nature Rockz.

    What is The Coast?

    The Coast is chance to get to know the seaside a little bit better, as well as the wildlife and plants that live there. We can also show you some fun games to play when you are visiting your favourite UK beach!

    What sort of games?

    After a guided walk around the beach with your Ranger you can have a go at beating the Ranger at their own game! Don’t worry they will give you some training before and you can go home and impress everyone with your new found skill.


    What about wildlife down by the coast?

    Well it wouldn’t be a Nature Rockz activity without getting to know how little critters a bit more! On the guided tours you will be learning all about marine life and on certain beaches The Ranger will even take you down the beach to do some rock pooling!

    Amazing! Anything else?

    You can have fun on the sand! The expert Ranger will talk you through strand lines and help create sculptures using some of the natural materials to decorate.

    Meet the Ranger …. Dai Draycott AKA Crocodile dun-dai!

    Dai Draycott


    Lystep Beach Village

    How long have you been a ranger with Haven?:
    Since 2010

    04-09-2014 17-17-52

    Crocodile Dun-Dai in action!

    What did you do before joining Haven?:
    Outdoor pursuits instructor & youth worker

    What is the best part of your role?:
    Getting people to engage with their natural environment and getting them to push their limits and boundaries by exposing them to new experiences.

    Which part of nature Rockz do you like the best?: Anything outdoors…..Bushcraft….Tracking…..being creative ……minibeast safaris & rock pooling…..”chillin in the sun”.

    Top tip for survival?: Learn  to observe and study the habits of local wildlife, they are the best instructors, they rarely do anything without a practical purpose. They will show you where the water is, how to find food, shelter and how to stay warm at night. For example birds and insects never stray too far from a souce of water / moisture.

    If you are wanting to visit our beautiful Lystep Park in Tenby, South Wales you can use our special Select service to guarantee your favourite spot! Find out more here.