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    Nature Rockz – Get creative!

    At Haven we really do love nature so it’s surprise that the outdoors really inspires us to get a bit arty and that’s why we LOVE Get Creative!

    What is Get Creative?

    Well as you can imagine it’s getting crafty with all things natural. It’s a Ranger led activity and you will be making homes for wildlife to flower pot men, Get Creative it’s a time to really express yourself!Plus we only use recycled materials so it’s super green!

    Some of the wonderful Creations at Thorpe Park!

    Some of the wonderful creations at Thorpe Park!

    What sort of things will I be making?

    Well there’s lots to choose from so I’ll just name a few :

    – Build a Bug Hotel
    Well this one is pretty much what it says on the tin! Using natural materials and up-cycling create a multi story bug hotel with an expert ranger. We’ve  got ‘Bug-ingham Palace’ at Devon Cliffs – what would you call yours?

    – Grass Heads
    Have fun making your own flower pot men  or Grass Heads! You can watch their hair grow and play hairdressers when you feel they in need of a trim!

    – Safari Scrap Heap Challenge
    Make your own animal creations using clean up-cycled materials, paints, paper and glues!

    – Bird Box Creations
    Learn about the different species of bird on park and make your own Bird Box to take home or put on park, all with the help of our friendly Park Rangers.

    Have you seen our Youtube video on ‘How to make a bird box’ yet?



    Meet the Ranger….Lucy at Thorpe Park!

    • Name:
      Lucy Tomlinson
    • Age:
    • Location:
      Thorpe Park
    • How long have you been a ranger with Haven?:
      2 years nearly!
    • What did you do before joining Haven?:
      After leaving Uni I worked for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust for a year as a Reserves trainee and then before moving to Haven I worked for the RSPB at Bempton Cliffs near Bridlington. This meant I got to spend lots of time with seabirds!
    • What is the best part of your role?:
      It has to be roasting marshmallows on a campfire! I also love to be outdoors!
    • Which part of nature Rockz do you like the best?
      I like being able to give people a chance to do something new and get back to nature.
    • Top tip for survival?
      Don’t get lost in the first place but make sure you know how to build and start a fire.
    • Favourite wildlife experience?
      Rescuing stranded seabirds from the cliff tops at Bempton.