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    Nature Rockz takeover – How to crab!

    If you’re near a seaside this summer then make sure you do some crabbing! Everyone’s heard of it but not everyone has tried this simple yet interesting and fun activity perfect for keeping the kids occupied.
    Here at Haven we don’t want you or the kids to miss out, so we are offering our simple guide to crabbing…The kids will be thinking you’ve been doing it for years.

    What you will need for crabbing!

    – A net
    – A crabbing line
    – Bacon
    – Crabbing bucket

    crabbing one

    How to crab!

    Step one
    To prepare for crabbing fill the bucket with sea water ready for the highly anticipated catch

    Step 2
    Attach bacon to the line (who knew crabs love bacon) and throw the line into the water

    Step 3
    Wait for 5 minutes and then pull the line up to see if the crabs have taken a fancy to the bacon. If you feel a tug at the line this usually means you have caught a crab. Slowly pull the line up.

    Step 4
    As you bring the crab out the water hold the net under the crab in case it falls off (From experience this is quite often!) Once the crab is out the water shake the line over the net until the crab lets go of the bacon – some can be quite stubborn

    crabbing two

    Step 5
    Using your finger and thumb pick the crab up by its shell and pop it in the bucket of sea water.

    Step 6
    Keep crabbing until you are satisfied with the amount you have caught. TIP: Don’t keep to many crabs in the bucket at the same time

    Step 7
    Most importantly you must then release the crabs back into the water. Tip: find a section of the beach where the kids can release the crabs and watch them walk down to the water it’s a guaranteed to put a smile on the kid’s faces.

    We’d love to see pictures of your crabbing experiences!
    Where did you go crabbing and how many did you catch?
    Let us know in the comments below!