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    Nature Rockz takeover: Rainbows at Wild Duck

    If you’re wild about the outdoors then you’ve come to the right place!

    We’ve been taken over by all things green (and a bit of sea blue) to bring you the latest from our Park Rangers, Nature Rockz activities and anything we are doing that’s environmentally friendly!

    We like to work with the local communities and groups that surround our parks and not so long ago we had a local Rainbow group visit us at Wild Duck.

    The girls had a great time with our Park Ranger, Mike. He only had them for short time but they certainly fit a lot in!

    Before setting them off on his bug hunt, Mike pinned the pictures they had already made to the trees in the woods. He set of them off to find real bugs, as well as the special picture bugs.

    After finding their mini beasts, it was back to the activity area to identify their new friends before getting making clay faces on the trees – even Snowy Owl, the group leader, couldn’t resist creating a a piece of art!

    16-06-2015 16-37-07