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    Nature Rockz takeover: RSPCA Ranger uniform winner

    We recently held a competition with the RSCPA, where we invited people to design a Ranger’s Uniform and part of the prize was a free day at one of our parks.

    And the lucky people who won? It was Lucy who created the winning design and Lucy’s Mum, Charlotte, has kindly written in to us to tell us all about their prize.

    “We were recently lucky enough to visit Berwick Haven holiday park as my daughter Lucy won an RSPCA magazine competition to design a Ranger’s Uniform.

    The prize was a free day for the family at a park of our choice, but the Easter Holidays were coming up so we decided to make a long weekend of it.

    We chose Berwick as it was not too far from our home in East Lothian. We had a lovely caravan but what made the stay so special was how welcome we were made to feel by the staff, and in particular Brian O’Brien the park ranger. He let us spend most of the weekend helping him and joining in with his activities. Lucy really got to learn what it means to be a park ranger and we were involved with all sorts of things from sand sculpting to building bird boxes.

    I’m writing this now feeling particularly delighted as we have two bird boxes attached to our fence and both of them have Blue Tits nesting inside!”

    berwick 1

    Making a home in the birdboxes!

    This is what Lucy thought about her stay:

    “It was the best holiday site I’ve ever been to. My favourite thing was building the bird boxes and also bushcraft. We learnt how to light a fire and how to build a den and we cooked marshmallows and hot chocolate! I liked the bug hunt and I learnt that worms are completely responsible for the top layer of soil. I also learnt that nettles have many different uses and I ATE one! At the bird boxing we got to do all the drilling and hammering ourselves so it was really fun. We made ladybird towers and did tonnes of drilling and stuffed it with hay. Ours is hanging on our tree just now. I hope the ladybirds will come soon! At sand sculptures we made dinosaurs and it was a competition for which team’s dinosaur was the best. My team won!
    When we weren’t with Brian we did loads of other activities – we did water walking and aqua jets and the bungee swing, and the beach was lovely – we found fish in the rock pools and we stuck our heads under the waterfall. IT WAS FUN”


    The family really enjoyed Nature Rockz!

    The family really enjoyed Nature Rockz!

    This is what Ella had to say:

    “I liked bush craft because we got to make dens with proper equipment. He  taught us how to make a good fire – and we got to start it using with flint and  steel. He told us what to put in it to burn well and we learned a cool trick  which was to use cotton wool and Vaseline to keep it going for longer. I was  really keen to make a cord necklace out of nettles but they hadn’t grown tall  enough when we were there. Brian has sent through the instructions so I’ll  be trying that out soon. I thought the caravan was really nice and I liked all  the entertainment. My favourite water activity was the pool party!”