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    Nature Rockz takeover: The Buzz about Nature

    At Haven we absolutely love nature. 

    From everything to the fresh air and the sand between our toes to our expansion of Nature Rockz, bird boxes, bug hotels and all. Did you know that natural surroundings reduce stress, promote genuine connectivity and re-instate a sense of wonder and respect for our surroundings? Pretty neat, right?

    And did you know we owe a lot of this stress reducing, fabulousness to the humble Bee. Bees are a vital part of the British countryside, their tireless work – hopping between hundreds of plants a day, has awarded them the title of ‘chief pollinator’ in ecosystems containing flowering plants. Meaning that those beautiful fields and rolling hills full of colourful petals that will strike you on a warm Summer’s, are all thanks to our little striped friends.

    It seems silly not to recognise them and give them a little helping hand doesn’t it? Considering they just want to do their job, buzz loudly to politely let you know they’re near and even die out of courtesy after they hurt you.


    If you spot this sign, we’re Honey Bee Friendly!


    So our parks are doing their bit by teaming up with David Bellamy and joining the Honey Bee Friendly Park project, as part of The David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme. We have attained 33 Gold David Bellamy Conservation awards, with 8 of our parks achieving the Excellence Award for flying the Golden Flag for five consecutive years!

    But what will we be doing for the bees?

    We’ll be planting forage crops that Bees need to survive, helping to boost the dwindling population numbers. Turning each park into a mini Bee conservation centre, with the possibility of even selling our own ‘park produced’ honey!

    What can you do to help save the bees?

    Every little helps! If you see a Honey Bee or a Bumble Bee looking a bit tired get a teaspoon of warm water and sugar and places it near them so they can have a drink. It may be that they are just a bit tired and need some more energy!


    If you’d like to know more about Nature Rockz visit here!