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    What is Nature Rockz?

    It’s a big world out there .. go explore it! At Haven we like to be a bit adventurous at times so on our parks you can get to grips with nature and really get to know your surroundings, while on holidays with us and when you get home.

    What is Nature Rockz?

    Nature Rockz is a series of outdoor activities that aim to get kids and adults back to nature with activities that adapt the season and the natural surroundings of the parks.

    Each week we will be focusing on different parts of the Nature Rockz puzzle to find out exactly what is happening on Haven Parks. We will also be introducing you to some of The Rangers who leading the workshops, nature walks and much more. (This week we’re having a little look at Wild Duck!)

    What are the different parts of Nature Rockz?

    Nature Rockz is broken down into four different sections

    Bush Crafts
    Get Creative
    Park Explorer
    The Coast

    Stay tuned for the upcoming blogs where we’ll be going into lots more detail about each different section and what outdoor activities you may be getting up too!


    Wonderful Wigwam's at Wild Duck!

    Wonderful Wigwams at Wild Duck!

    Can you give us a little idea of what activities Nature Rockz includes?

    Okay, just a few! One day you may be learning some important survival skills and the next day you may be getting creative and making homes for all the wildlife and bugs that can be found on our parks and at your home!

    Who are The Rangers?

    On 11 of our parks, we have specially trained Rangers that know all there is to know about Haven wildlife and will lead you through all the activities that are on offer.

    Where can I do it?

    Nature Rockz is currently on 11 different parks – Haggerston Castle, Primrose Valley, Thorpe Park, Wild Duck, Devon Cliffs, Perran Sands, Burnham-on-Sea, Kiln Park, Quay West, Hafan Y Mor and Lakeland.

    Why woodn't you want to join us at Wild Duck with this amazing Treehouse?!

    Why woodn’t you want to join us at Wild Duck with this amazing Treehouse?!

    Our first “Meet The Ranger”… Mike from Wild Duck!

    • Name:

    • Age: 29
    Location: Wild Duck, Norfolk

    • How long have you been a ranger with Haven?:
    March 2014

    • What did you do before joining Haven?:
    A desk job.

    • What is the best part of your role?:
    Helping children enjoy nature (and getting messy every day :))

    Come join Mike for Nature Rockz at Wild Duck!

    Come join Mike for Nature Rockz at Wild Duck!

    • Which part of nature Rockz do you like the best?
    All of it, How could I choose between getting muddy building shelters in the woods or covered in PVA glue making nature collages (and getting to peel it off when it is dry!)

    • Top tip for survival?
    Make sure you always have Dai (Lydstep Ranger) with you, failing that Keep calm and practice if you know how to make the things you need to survive from your surroundings you do not need to have lots of kit.

    • Favourite wildlife experience?
    Watching all the baby animals at the Wild Duck grow up, we have had rabbits, squirrels, rooks, jackdaws, great tits, blue tits, long tail tits, magpies but some of my favourites have to be the ducks, the first clutch hatched in early April and are now quite hard to tell apart from the adults and since this family hatched we have had another 11 families join them the youngest are 3 days old.

    Have you experienced Nature Rockz yet this year? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!