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    Nature Walks Around Burnham-on-Sea – Part 1

    Ever wanted to know some great places to walk near Burnham-on-Sea Holiday Village? Our man in the field, Jack Ashford, is here to tell you all you need to know!

    Apex Wildlife and Leisure Park

    Only a stones throw away from park is the award winning Apex Park, here you will find 42 acres of family fun! Apex is home to a huge lake with some great animal visitors where you are sure to get some great photo opportunities! Around the lake is a sign posted walk with great picnic points, while walking around you will find an impressive park where everyone in the family will find something to make them smile, so whether it’s a trip down the slide or a go on the zip wire there’s never a dull moment here.

    apex lake photoshopped


    Brean Down
    Distance: 3 Miles

    Only a short drive from park you’ll find the small village of Brean. In Brean you’ll find the picturesque beach which is a great walk on a sunny day and I have done this many times during the summer holidays! But the big attraction for many walkers is Brean Down. Here you’ll find a peaceful and easy going walk where you’ll have great views of South Wales, Quantock Hills and the flat Somerset farmland (Honestly don’t forget the camera you’ll get some great pictures!!) Right at the end of Brean Down you’ll find the old fort where you’ll get a real blast from the past!

    brean down the times ps

    (Source: The Times)

    Burnham On Sea Esplanade Walk (Wheelchair and Pushchair Friendly)
    Distance: 2 Miles

    With direct access from park here you’ll find the esplanade. This walk follows the sea wall and takes you straight into the excitement of the town centre where you’ll find some great fish and chip shops (or pubs for the Dads out there! As we know nothing says “Great British holiday” better than having fish and chips whilst looking out to sea! This walk is perfect for whatever weather, all the way along there are shelters with some great views out to the estuary and South Wales.

    jack image ps

    Highbridge to Weston Super Mare
    Distance: 20 Miles

    For the more adventurous out there we have this long but very nice walk which takes you from the town of Highbridge (only a short drive from park) to the hustle and bustle of Weston-Super-Mare. This walk also takes you up Brean Down, and then around the River Axe where if your lucky you may see a grey heron and some of his friends!

    highbridge ps

    Quantock Hills
    Type of walk: Great Wood Walk & Bike Friendly
    Distance: 2 miles

    Why not spend the day in quite possibly the closest place to heaven on Earth! Here you’ll find nature at its finest, with wonderful wildlife, superb streams (where the whole family can get involved in building the best dam, who will be able to stop the most water?!) and the tallest trees you’ll ever see! Great Wood is home to a huge clearing, just made for family picnics, I’ve enjoyed many picnics here and take it from me this is not one to be ignored!

    quantock the times ps

    (Source: The Times)

    Brent Knoll
    Type of Walk: Great Summertime walk
    Distance: 2.5 Miles

    This walk takes you right to the top of the knoll where there are some awesome photo opportunities and great picnic spots! The views from the top are out of this world this is definitely a walk not to be ignored. The best time to do this walk would be in the summer, I know this from personal experience, my Grandad, Auntie Mel and I were sliding down the hill,  we were all over the place!

    brent knoll ps



    So I hope I have given you some great ideas for things to do while your on holiday, but if your not one for travelling too far off of park why not stay on site and walk to the lake on park and settle down for a family picnic and start making your Haven days!

    Have you been on any of these great walks around Burnham? Where is your favourite place to walk in the UK? Let us know in the comment section below!