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    New for 2017: The Great Outdoors

    At Haven we love the great outdoors. There’s nothing better than getting outside, breathing in some fresh air and getting close to nature. We’re constantly thinking of new ways to help you enjoy the outdoors, learn something new and have fun doing it! Check out what we’ve got coming up in 2017 below.

    Nature Rockz

    Nature Rockz has got even better at Haven with new activities arriving for 2017, and existing activities becoming available for more ages groups!

    Dream Catchers 

    The whole family can get involved and show off their creative side with this one. Make a traditional dream catcher with a hoop of willow and decorate it however you would like with a mixture of gems and feathers!


    Survival Bracelets 

    Using the cord from a parachute, make the perfect bracelet for exploring the great outdoors! It may just look like a funky bracelet when you’re finished, but in an emergency the inner strands can be used for everything from fishing to sewing and much more!

    Activities including habitat creations, recycled creations, Ranger nature trail, wild birds and bird feeders, Ranger pond dipping and Ranger bug hunt have now been opened up to all ages instead of just 5+ meaning the whole family can get involved!

    To find out more about Nature Rockz activities click here

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    Aerial Adventure

    A brand new high ropes course will be coming to Lakeland Leisure Park in 2017. Climb up high into the treetops and make your way across swinging bridges, dangling ropes and tunnels in mid air to see if you can make it to the end!



    Learn a new skill and try your hand at a Segway. It may be your first time trying, but you’ll soon be whizzing about park in no time! Haven have expanded this activity for 2017 meaning segway’s are now available at Caister-on-Sea, Marton Mere, Presthaven Sands and Primrose Valley.

    Water Sports 

    If you’re a water baby you’ll love this one! Primrose Valley in Yorkshire will become home to a whole array of water sports in 2017. Think testing your balance on a paddle board, exploring your natural surroundings in a Canadian canoe and venturing around the lake in a single or double person kayak.


    Are you looking forward to our new outdoor activities? Tell us what you want to try this year! For more information click here