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New for 2018: New Developments at Haven

At Haven we are constantly improving, updating and expanding our parks to continue to offer you the best experience possible when you come on holiday with us and 2018 is no different!

Pools and restaurants are getting makeovers, and even being treated to some new additions, while some ShowBars will be getting a New Year’s refurb as well.

Marton Mere

Swimming pools are a great part of a family holiday and we’ve got some good news for you Marton Mere fans – a brand new Lazy River, and fun elements, are being added to the park for 2018, while the Space Bowl flume is being changed to now drop into the indoor pool!

Haggerston Castle

Haggerston Castle is getting a bigger and better ShowBar in 2018 so more of you will be able to enjoy the fabulous entertainment on offer! The refurbishment to the ShowBar will include new furniture, décor and carpet.


There’s a makeover coming for the Mash & Barrel at Lakeland, and the outside area will now relate to the Aerial Adventure course, with the restaurant also being made larger.

Primrose Valley

There is going to be even more work taking place to the brand new The Lakeside restaurant with improvements to the outside terrace area and the landscape.

And there’s more…

  • Perran Sands will have a new Lazy River and the changing area will be getting a makeover
  • The ShowBar at Riviere Sands and Thornwick Bay will be getting new furniture, décor and carpet
  • Craig Tara is getting a new Millie’s Cookies and the pool reception is getting a refurb to fit in with its amazing pool
  • There will be a refurbishment pool changing area at Hafan Y Mor
  • Thorpe Park’s indoor pool is having a fun bucket feature added and the outdoor Lazy River will be linked, while the changing area is also being refurbished
  • A bucket will also be added at Wild Duck’s pool, as well as more water features, play items in the children’s pool, and a multi-lane water slide
  • There will be hundreds of new caravan pitches across many of our parks
  • Donna Marie Oswin Sellars

    Is there any new bit going on at golden sands at all just seam that all other parks get but not this one

    • Tracy Carnall

      Yes i agree. It could really do with a revamp. Especially the pool. Quite boring when you compare with the other camps. And the clubs. I can remember when all the venues were packed every night. If you didnt get there early, no chance to get a table. Come on haven, please update this well loved park. Ive been going there nearly 40 years.

  • David Bowen

    Shame you promised us a pool refurb at Cala Gran and it never came to fruition.

  • Pat Core

    So if there are lots of new pitches will our water rates go Down if there are more to share it

  • John Rawlin

    When are you putting WiFi in the touring park at Presthaven, its like staying in the 70’s, don’t keep saying come to the main building reception because it a mile away.

    • Shirley Smith

      Same at Haggerston Castle as it’s only available in the complex which is miles away from some caravans.

  • Julie McAllister

    Was at seaton sands last year think the pool is still too small the evening entertainment is rubbish emailed you about my son and six other kids getting a very bad sick bug after being in the pool and you never got back to me so will never use haven again

    • Shirley Smith

      The entertainment has gone down right across Haven Sites. Many people complain but get no results.

  • Mike Cook

    if you were more dog friendly you would get many more caravans stay

  • Shirley Smith

    What is the point of upgrading the different parts of the park when you book a holiday and arrive to find that they do not have a caravan that was promised to you because they sold it the week before. Nearly 30 years of going to the same park and all I am finding now is a lot of problems for disabled customers.