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    New for 2015 – Football Academy!

    Do you bend it like Beckham or score like Suarez? This year, we’ve very proud to be introducing our brand new Football Academy. Our Leisure Teams have been trained by AFC Bournemouth to deliver better football coaching than ever before – score!

    It’s only £4 for 30 minutes and our Football Academy runs all through the year at every park (execpt Reighton Sands, Riviere Sands and Lydstep Beach) and is for ages 5-16yrs with different sessions for different age groups.
    The coaches will teach you how to shoot, save and (fingers crossed) score, before getting you in to real game, plus there will be certificates for everyone who joins in, so you can prove to everyone what a football pro you are!

    We caught up with Phil from our leisure team to update us on the training, as well as introducing us to Steve Cuss who is Head of Community at AFC Bournemouth.


    Go on, grab your football boots and see if you can score goals like Giggs!