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    New for 2017: Exciting New Theatre Company Style Entertainment

    Get ready for some exciting new entertainment coming your way at Haven for 2017. If you liked what you saw at Thornwick Bay this year then you’re going to love what we’ve got coming for 2017!

    Haven are rolling out exciting theatre company style entertainment across 5 of our parks around the UK coastline.

    Guests can enjoy a new selection of interactive and unique shows like they’ve never seen before, delivered by an exclusive group of specialist dancers, vocalists and event hosts.

    Haven have really enhanced the entertainment experience for the whole family with these new shows bringing the big stage to life with impressive screen technology and the use of green screen media to really enhance the visual impact of the shows.

    The Cast

    The casts are carefully handpicked for each park to perform an exclusive selection of shows unique to each park. Many performers have come from professional training at some of London’s best theatre schools, and have got impressive backgrounds working in the theatre, luxury hotels and on cruises!


    The Shows

    • Evolution Rock – The whole family will be rocking out to classic rock hits both old and new with this show. Let out your inner rock god and show us your best air guitar!
    • MJ Legend – Here we pay tribute to one of the best pop legends of all time and celebrate the life and music of Michael Jackson. With classics from his time with Jackson 5 through to his later hits, sing a long, get up and dance and show us your best moon walk!
    • Take the Stage – This show gives guests the chance to get to know their theatre company cast members, hear about how they were lead to life on stage and watch them perform a selection of their favourite songs!
    • The Great British Summertime – Get ready for a spectacular show featuring all of the best Great British hits as we celebrate the new and old hits of Great Britain. 
    • Super Trooper Singalong – If you hadn’t guessed it from the name, then this one is all about celebrating the fantastic hits of Swedish super group ABBA! Watch the songs of ABBA come to life on the big stage and sing along to the likes of Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia!

    Seaside Streetside 

    Don’t just expect to see your theatre company performers on the big stage of an evening, you’ll also see them popping up around park in the daytime. Expect Covent Garden style impromptu pop-up performances from the cast throughout the day at various locations around park!

    You can expect to see the new theatre company style entertainment at Devon Cliffs in Devon, Craig Tara in Scotland, Hafan y Môr in North Wales, Primrose Valley in Yorkshire, Rockley Park in Dorset and of course at Thornwick Bay in Yorkshire.

    Click here to find out more about Theatre Company entertainment

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    Are you excited for the new entertainment we have to offer for 2017? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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