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    NEW FOR 2017: Lakehouse at Primrose Valley

    We have a special treat in store for you this year! BRAND NEW for 2017, Primrose Valley have introduced a new dining experience with their restaurant ‘The Lakehouse’.

    Whether you’re looking for something tasty to grab and go from The Lakehouse Kitchen, or a delicious meal to enjoy with the whole family in The Lakehouse Restaurant, our new concept is a bit of a hidden gem – so don’t miss out whilst you’re here!

    Look out to impressive views through the stunning glass building as you enjoy a bite to eat. Set in picturesque lakeside surroundings, you can indulge in your favourite foods whilst looking out over the lake to the paddling ducks and pedalos gliding by.

    If you fancy some fresh air there is plenty of space on our outside sun terrace. Top up your tan whilst enjoying one of our refreshing ice creams, freak shakes or even a cheeky cocktail!

    Do you want to try this new dining experience? Book your stay at Primrose Valley by following this link

    Click here

    Opening Times

    • Breakfast: 8am – 11am
    • Daytime: 11am – 4pm
    • Dinner: 4pm – 9:30pm



    With a jam packed menu full of tasty treats, you will be in food heaven with a number of locally sourced Yorkshire dishes. Why not try our speciality, chargrilled chicken sourced from the finest Yorkshire supplier, or how about a Firedome pizza handmade fresh straight from the pizza oven?

    Now we know not everyone is a wine connoisseur, so we have done the hard work for you and matched a drink to compliment your meal on the menu!

    The Lakehouse is perfect for families too, with meals made especially with your little ones in mind, there is something for even the fussiest of eaters!

    Tantalise your taste buds by checking out what’s on offer by clicking on the following links:

    Wake up the right way with our Breakfast Menu

    Take a break out of your action packed day with the Daytime Menu

    Relax of an evening with our delicious Dinner Menu

    There’s no need to worry about the kids with our Kids’ Menu

    If like me you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love our Dessert Menu

    Nothing says holiday like a good cocktail! Make sure you try the Jelly Baby! Cocktail Menu

    Have you been to our new Lakehouse restaurant yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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    I can't wait to try out The Lakehouse at Primrose Valley this year!

    The food sounds amazing! Definitely paying a visit on my holiday this year!