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    New Year, New Adventures!

    New year, new you! Live up to the cliché and embark on a new adventure. Here are some activities that you can check off your to do list.

    Nordic walking

    A great way of exercising that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It works the whole body without putting to much strain on joints – poles are used to aid you in propelling yourself forward as you walk. Nordic walking is a new activity that we will be running at our new park Thornwick Bay this year.




    Coordinates are posted on the internet which lead to hidden items, they are then located and found by people with the use of GPS signal. This treasure hunt style of activity is an interesting pastime and is becoming more and more popular.



    Segwaying off road

    The segway has a small electric motor and is a fun and exciting way of exploring around – it is the ultimate stand up riding experience. Definitely one to try out!

    Segways Hafan y Mor

    Gorge Walking

    For a more physically demanding challenge this is worth a try. A popular place for gorge walking is in Wales among the edge of Brecon Beacons. It includes activities such as:

    • Climbing
    • Waterfall climbing and jumping
    • Boulder hopping
    • Exploring caves
    gorge walking



    This is a little more daring. It involves being enclosed inside an gigantic inflatable ball and rolling down a hill – it sounds quite scary but a lot of fun! If you don’t quite feel brave enough for this we have a similar activity at our parks called Water Walkerz.

    Water Walkerz at Rockley Park

    Water Walkerz at Rockley Park

    Let us know if you have experienced any of these activities in the comments section below. See what else we have to offer at our own holiday parks here.