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    Oktoberfest around the UK

    Oktoberfest originated in Germany and is an annual fall festival that originated back in 1810!  The festival offers traditional Bavarian food and beer and just general merrymaking!

    We have picked just a few of the best Oktoberfest events happening this year, so you can have a little taste of Germany in the UK this October!

    Oktoberfest Locations:


    Millwall Park, Canary Wharf
    Thursday 29/09/16 – Sunday 09/10/16

    OKTF 5

    Bavarian Tower Hill & Bavarian Old Street
    Every Wednesday – Saturday From 21/09/16 – 22/10/16

    BARVARIANSource –


    Albert Square
    Wednesday 19/10/16 – Sunday 23/10/16

    OKTF 1

    Liverpool –

    Pier Head
    Thurs 22/09/16 – Sun 25/09/16

    OKTF 4


    Cannon Hill Park, Nature Centre car park
    Wednesday 12/10/16 – Sunday 16/10/16

    OKTF 3


    Basingstoke Cricket & Sports Ground
    Saturday 08/10/16 – Sunday 09/10/16

    hampshire okSource:


    River Dart county Park 
    Friday 30/09/16 – Sunday 02/10/16

    devon okSource:


    Blythswood square
    Wednesday 19/10/16 – Sunday 23/10/16

    OKTF 2


    Ashton Court
    Saturday 08/10/16

    ashton okSource:


    Truro Piazza –

    Just a 23 minute drive from our holiday park Perran Sands, and a 33 minute drive away from our park Riviere Sands!

    Friday 07/10/16- Saturday 08/10/16



    Parr Hall, Palmyra Square South
     Thursday 13/10/16- Saturday 15/10/16

    warrington okSource:


    Palmer park
    Saturday 15/10/16 – Tuesday 18/10/16

    Reading oktoberfest1Source:

    Are you celebrating Oktoberfest this year? Let us know in the comment section below

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    Can't wait for Oktoberfest this year!