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    Out and about with the kids

    Planning what to do when the kids are off school doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve brought together a short list of ideas that will keep the little one’s occupied.

    A visit to the local children’s farm

    Kids love animals but it doesn’t need to be a long day out to the zoo – a trip to your nearest children’s farm is just enough for a day out. There are playgrounds, fun facts and even opportunities to pet the small animals.


    If it is a nice day why not go for a picnic? Getting out of the house is the best way to keep things tidy and in order. Double up going out for lunch and the kids running off steam – take a Frisbee or a ball along with you. Here are a few tips for your picnic planning.



    You don’t have to go abroad to enjoy family time in the pool. We’ve got some lovely new swimming developments at some of our parks.

    A nature trail

    Make a list of different plants and insects take this along with you on a adventurous walk in the woods and check off the things you find as you go. This is a excellent way to get you and your family out exercising in the fresh air without them realising they’re doing it.

    Nature Rockz at Wild Duck

    Nature Rockz at Wild Duck

    Indoor soft play – for rainy days

    You can’t always rely on the weather to be good so it is always a good idea to have a back up plan. Indoor adventure playgrounds never disappoint.

    soft play

    If you think we could add any ideas to our list feel free to let us know in the comments section below. To discover about the types of activities on our parks pop over to our site.