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    Oyster Catchers at Lakeland Holiday Park

    We caught up with our resident Lakeland Holiday Park expert, Kathryn Arbuckle, as she has some very interesting news from the park and is here to tell you all about it below! Have a read below to find out more…

    Two of our lovely owners, Mark and Lisa from Guddlebeck are keen birdwatchers and they have just given us some fantastic news involving the “oyster catcher” which you may recognise from our very own Lakeland logo!

    Mark tells us that the Oyster Catchers are normally seen on the edge of the island at Otter Lake and they arrived late April this year! The first egg of three was laid beginning of May. After nearly a month of incubation under the tree on Island they hatched beginning of June.  Unfortunately due to a predator or illness there are only two remaining. The parents are very protective and are constantly chasing gulls & crows away.

    Oyster Catcher

    They are doing well and are a third in size of parents now.  They will stay on island until they are big enough to fly, which is still weeks away.  They are best to view from Guddlebeck beach along the island edge.  Mark’s wife Lisa has also enjoyed watching them from our holiday home and seen their development grow from strength to strength.  A good book for anyone who want’s to get started watching birds is the Observer Book of Birds or Eggs. These are available on Ebay for just a few pounds.

    Mark tells us that the bird life and wildlife they see everyday from their holiday home is fab and being on the lake edge helps. Plus they recommend the breeding pair of Peregrine Falcon’s at Humphrey Head, which is just round the corner!

    Thank you to Mark and Lisa for this fantastic insight and good luck everyone on your Oyster Catcher spotting!

    Have you been to Lakeland Holiday Park? Are you a keen birdwatcher? Let us know in the comments section below!