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    Perran Sands introduce Dune Detectives app

    Anyone looking to explore the dunes at Perran Sands will now be able to do so with the help of the fantastic Dune Detectives app!

    The Dune Detective app is a result of partnerships between Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Perran Sands Holiday Park and a local app company called SWOOP. The app uses your phones GPS to guide you along a choice of five different routes and will even give you games to play at certain points of your journey!

    Jon Cripps, Penhale Dunes ranger for Cornwall Wildlife Trust said: “It’s been an enjoyable challenge getting to grips with modern technology! I hope Dune Detectives will enable locals and visitors to have a great time in the dunes and learn a bit along the way.”

    Dune Detective


    These dunes are in fact the largest dunes in Cornwall and the highest in Britain. Not only that but these types of coastal locations are often teaming with wildlife and Perran Sands is no different. It is home to a huge array of wildlife including animals and plants; the Dune Detectives app lets you know what you might expect to see on your way round.

    The delightful June Donnery, Perran Sands general manger said: “The app is a fantastic tool that enables us to celebrate what Perran Sands is all about – an outstanding natural environment. I’m proud to be able share it with our owners, holidaymakers, team and the local community.”

    Have you tried the Dune Detectives app? Are you looking to visit Perran Sands this summer? Let us know in the comments section below.