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    Plan your Spring garden

    It’s not just green fingered folk that can appreciate a well kept garden and as Spring is drawing near now’s the time to begin to prepare yours.

    We are keen gardeners here Haven, we have garden clubs on all our parks and are spoilt by dozens of stunning natural surroundings. We are super excited about our new country park by the sea Thornwick Bay

    Clean up your flowerbeds

    Remove all debris and prune old shrubs to rid them of any dead branches. It might even be a good idea to put some fertilizer on the beds to prepare the soil for new plants.

    Start sowing seeds that need a longer season…

    Things like root vegetables can need more time to sprout. All seed packets can give you an idea of when is the best time to plant each crop. Mini green houses are a great activity for the little aspiring gardeners.

    Make a compost heap

    Things that will give you the best compost mixture are vegetable peelings, fruit waste, teabags, plant prunings and grass cuttings. It is best to avoid certain weeds like dandelions, thistle or generally any weeds with seed heads. You must get the correct ratio of ‘greens’ to ‘browns’. If you feel the compost is getting too moist then add more ‘browns’ and if you think it may be getting too dry then add more ‘greens’.

    Creative ideas

    Check out this great way to make use of the kid’s old wellies…



    Let us know if we have missed anything in the comments section below. If you would like to know more about owning your own holiday home click here.