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    It’s almost time to celebrate Polly’s birthday

    It’s almost time for the big day – Monday 25th June is when we start saying Happy Birthday to everybody’s favourite lifeguard, Polly!

    Polly’s favourite places to visit

    • Land’s End, Cornwall
    • Edinburgh City, Scotland
    • Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland
    • Whitby, Yorkshire
    • Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, Norfolk

    She’s always on patrol making sure everybody is having a fun, but safe time on our amazing beaches around the UK coast.

    In her spare time, Polly loves to show off her sporty skills to the rest of the Seaside Squad – and she’s somebody you can always rely on.

    Don’t forget to share your photos with Polly with us using the hashtag #MyHavenDays on Twitter and Instagram or by posting to our Facebook page!

    “I’m everyone’s best friend. And I like to be the organiser of the gang too – keeping an eye on Greedy and Ned. But I’m not too bossy (honest!).”


    Birthday Fun

    Seaside Squad birthdays

    Anxious The Elephant and Bradley Bear will also be celebrating their birthdays later this year.


    • Ned – 19th – 23rd March
    • Greedy – 4th – 8th June
    • Polly – 25th – 29th June
    • Rory – 30th April – 4th May
    • Anxious – 24th – 28th September
    • Bradley – 8th – 12th October

    Each member of the Seaside Squad celebrates on parks from Monday-Thursdays on the week of their birthday!

    Haven has lots of exciting Seaside Squad activities for your little ones to get involved in including Greedy’s Get Up, Rory’s Sing-A-Long, Greedy’s Tin Pot Band, Rise and Shine with the Seaside Squad, and Anxious’ Sensory Morning.

    To enjoy more fun, games, Haven news, and amazing pictures, check out our official Facebook page.

    Join Polly for her birthday celebrations at Haven