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    Primrose Valley – Part four by Declan!

    Guess who’s back..back again! It’s Declan of course!  He’s back with the latest going ons at Haven Holidays Primrose Valley…

    It’s week 4, there’s only 2 weeks of the summer holidays left!

    To begin this week as usual with Monday, I’ve been to the Owners Lounge then I went to Bridlington and then to Mr Moo’s Ice Cream parlour to take my little cousin Harvey to see the Cows.

    Tuesday, I’ve been up to the Owners Lounge to play Golf, then we went out to Flamborough Light House then we went into Filey for the evening then I finished the day off by going to the arcade and club with friends.

    Declan and Crab

    It’s Wednesday; I began today by going swimming, then I went to the karts and fair then I went fishing with my uncle then I came up to the Owners Lounge for the afternoon quiz, then I went into Scarborough to take my Cousin and Uncle to get there return train journey home, then I finished the day by going to the club with my friends.

    Thursday, I’ve been on the Karts, Swimming, Peddle Boats then Golf at The Owners Lounge then I enjoyed Mat’s Cornish Cake afternoon – Can you believe he had the cakes curried from Cornwall!? The chocolate fudge cake was my favourite. Then I went bowling in the Arcade with my friends then I had tea at McDonald’s. Yum!

    Declan View

    Friday, I began the day with going to the Owners Swim, then I went to the Basketball courts with friends, then I went Bridlington again, on our return to the Park we came up to the Owners Lounge then I played Football at Lauren and Lucy’s caravan with other friends.

    Saturday! The weekend is here! I went to owners target shooting this morning, and then I went Swimming then up to the Owners Lounge. Then I went to the Funstar’s T-Co session, I went to the Mash & Barrel for Lunch after this I went to watch wrestling with friends then I went to the Football courts then to finish off the day I went to the club to watch the Gary Barlow tribute and he was really good.

    Declan and Dolphin

    It’s the final day of the week- Sunday ! I begin the day by going to the Funstar’s T-Co session which was really easy because they were asking questions about the park which I knew a lot of the answers too already and it was fun! Then I came to the Owners Teenage Club where we were washing cars for BBC Children In Need it was really fun because later Mat let us have a small water fight. Then I went to watch the Aladdin Panto with my friends then I headed up to the Owners Lounge, then I went over to the basketball courts then I finished off the day with going to a friend’s caravan for the evening.