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    Primrose Valley – Part One by Declan

    Do you remember the freedom you felt on that walk home from school when you knew you didn’t have to set foot in a classroom for a whole six weeks? The loosening of the tie, the plan- making with your friends and not the mention the possibility of sleeping in till noon (unless your Mum is like mine and is a keen hoovering at 8 o’clock in the morning). Declan, who’s parents are Owners on our Primrose Valley Park, gets all this excitement and much more…
    Not only is Declan counting down to no school, he’s also counting down to the best six weeks of his life as he is about to spend his summer holidays making the most of what Haven has to offer! But less from us, over to Declan…


    Hi, my name is Declan, I am 13 years old and I’ve been an owner at Primrose Valley since 2011. I am spending the next 6 weeks here at Primrose and I’m going to be letting you know what I get up to while I’m here.

    School is out and the holidays have begun! I started by attending the Owner’s Pool Party on Friday evening I thought this was ace, we were able to use; the pool inflatable, the flume, the in water trampoline, the lily pads and the Jacuzzi – I had great fun with Mat and the Lifeguards as they joined in and tried pulling us off the inflatable! After this I went through to the Sports Bar to watch Leeds Rhino’s Vs. Salford.

    The man behind the blog...Declan!

    The man behind the blog…Declan!

    So it’s Saturday, My Mum and Nanna have gone to Wine Club at The ShowBar while they’re over there I’m going to go to watch Summer Super Slam Wresting – The wresting was really good and funny because the bad guys always thought they were going to win but they were always beat the post by the goodies.

    Sunday means ‘Teen Kicks’ this week Mat took us over to the Pic n Paint at The Lakeside to paint a tile each that we’re going to have displayed all together in the Owners Lounge, I really enjoyed this however I didn’t have enough room to put all of the team names on the tile ooops!

    Monday the sun is shining and we’re off to the outdoor pool. We popped up to The Lounge first to have a drink then we made our way over to the outdoor pool to meet some friends and we spent all afternoon out there.

    Declan and Friends at Party on the Park

    Declan and Friends at Party on the Park

    The weather is really on our side this week, it’s Tuesday and we’re off the outdoor pool again then we’re all venturing off the park to go out for tea with some of our other owner friends

    Were half way through the week already its Wednesday today we’ve been to the pool again and now we’re sitting outside the Mash & Barrel in the nice sunshine and enjoying quality times with friends.

    It’s Thursday we’re going to Strawberry fields which is a local car boot and market near Primrose Valley and later on we’re going to make our way back to the park to go to the outdoor pool.

    This morning I’ve been on the karts in our owner’s free session, and then we’re off to Bridlington to go to Monty Zooma’s soft play area. We also went on a pirate ship in the sea and went to get Pizza!

    Enjoying some of the facilities the park has to offer!

    Enjoying some of the facilities the park has to offer!

    This Saturday I went to meet Mat at the ShowBar for our ‘Teen Kicks’ dancing session. I was the only one there this week but its okay because we’ve planned out exactly what we’re going to put together next week with the rest of the gang. I’m also heading to the ShowBar this evening to watch Keith Harris and Orville I thought that it was really good.

    Final day of the week it’s Sunday. I’ve been on the go karts today and spent most of the day at the pool and had dinner at the Lakeside Sports Bar.
    Overall, I’ve had the best first week at Primrose – and there is still 5 weeks left!

    Come back next Wednesday to find out what other adventures Declan has been up!