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    Primrose Valley – Part six by Declan!

    The six week summer holiday’s have flown by and can you believe it this is Declan’s last blog! The final week has begun:

    Monday, we began the day by going swimming, and then I went up to the Owners Lounge, then we went over to a local pub called The Honey Pot then we went back to the caravan for a DVD evening with friends.

    Tuesday, I went on the karts this morning. We went to Blue Dolphin to have a look at new caravans as we’re looking at upgrading ours. Then I came up to the lounge to do my blog with Mat. Then I went into Filey; I went Canoeing, Crazy golf, sat and had a snack while looking out to the sea. Then we went back to the park to play on the football courts with some friends, and then we all went out to an Indian Restaurant for a meal.

    week 6 brid

    It’s Wednesday! Today we started off the day by going to Play Dale farm to feed the animals and tried to find our way out of the straw maze, then we went to McDonald’s for dinner, then I went with friends to play on the basketball courts. Later on we went to the Play Park, and then we went to the Honey Pot for tea again and finished off the day playing football with friends.

    Thursday, I went Crabbing in Scarborough with friends, and then when we got back to the park we went to Owners Lounge then we went to the football courts and then later on in the day we went to the arcade.

    Friday, I’ve been to the Lounge this morning then I went swimming. Later on I went to Jerome’s in Bridlington and then I went to a friends for a caravan sleepover.

    week 6 kayack

    Saturday, only one more day to go before I go back home. Today, I went swimming, then I went on the Karts then went to the fair in Bridlington and had Cheesy Chips for dinner, then when we went back to the park we went to The Lounge. Then later in the evening I went to the arcade and then to the club to watch the Ellie Goulding tribute who was great!

    week 6 sheep

    Sunday, it’s the final day!! So for my final day of the summer holidays I’ve been swimming, the karts, then I’ve been to the Teen Club then to Crazy Golf, The Bumper Boats then I went on the Petrol Go-Karts, these are great! Then I went to the football courts.Phew – I think I am ready for school after all!