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    Primrose Valley – Part three by Declan!

    It’s time to catch up with Declan again and see what he’s been up too this week at Haven…So here we go. Its week 3 already! I’m half way through my holidays which means that going back to school isn’t too far away, but enough about that! Let me tell you what I’ve been getting up to this week.

    On Monday I started the day by going to the Owners Swim session at The Lakeside. Then I went up to the Owners Lounge to see Mat and we wrote my blog from last week. Then I went down to the beach after this I took a walk to the park and then we went to Starbucks.

    Its Tuesday I’ve been on the karts, swimming and to the lounge already today and that was just this morning. Then I walked into Filey to get some lunch and I got ‘Cheesy Chips’ and then later on I walked back to park and had a game of crazy golf.

    Looking good in Bridlington!

    Looking good in Bridlington!

    Its Wednesday it’s a very rainy day today so I began the day but going to the owners swim. I then when on the Waltzer and the bumper boats, after this I went up to the owners lounge and scared Leah with a spider! Then I was treated to a McDonalds when mum, nana and I went to the train station to pick up my uncle and cousin up, then we went to Scarborough and walked along the front with ice cream and I chased seagulls on the beach with Harvey.

    Thursday already can you believe it? Today we took a walk along Primrose beach into Filey again and I had ‘cheesy chips’ for dinner again! And ice cream. Yum! Then I chased mum with some seaweed then we walked back along the beach and I went to the outdoor pool with family and friends. Then later on we went into Bridlington and we went on a boat trip and to finish off the day we had a lovely roast pork meal for tea.

    Declan taking his little cousin to a Character breakfast!

    Declan taking his little cousin to a Character breakfast!

    It’s Friday this morning I’ve been on the Karts again then we went over to were Heartbeat used to be filmed to Goathland and I was chasing sheep with my little cousin Harvey and we also had a picnic while we were there. Then we went into Whitby and I walked up 199 steps! Then we went to the pirate crazy golf. Then when we got back to park we went to the owners evening swim at the Splash Pool and then I went for a couple of games of pool and ice hockey in the arcade.

    Saturday was the best day ever! It was EPIC! It was ‘It’s A Knockout’ at Primrose Valley my team was ‘Team Pringles’ and we won! Then I went to watch the rugby Leeds Rhino’s Vs. Warrington semi final and they won too! It’s a winning day! Then later in the evening I went to Jesters to watch the Pixie Lott tribute.

    It's hard than it looks! Declan competing in 'It's a knockout!'

    It’s hard than it looks! Declan competing in ‘It’s a knockout!’

    It’s Sunday week 3 is just about over. Today I’ve been to character breakfast with my little cousin Harvey where we saw Greedy and Polly. Then I went to Bridlington when we returned we went up to the Owners Lounge. Then Mat took the owners teenage club to watch Cinders and treated us all to Millie’s cookie’s and a drink each. Then I went to a local pub with my family for a meal and then I went around the park exploring and taking pictures of the flooded area’s due to the after effects of hurricane Bertha.

    Come and see next week to see what else I’ve been getting up too!