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    Primrose Valley – Part two by Declan

    Catch up on what Declan has been up to this week at Primrose valley! You can also read his first blog here.

    So it’s week number two of the holidays, the weather has been great and I’m having a great time.

    To begin the week, on Monday I went to the owners swim and the outdoor pool at the Lakeside, after that I went on the Karts which are free for owners from 10am until 11am. I also went to the basketball court with some friends, then I went to the Pool Party and later on my family, friends and I went to Starbucks. Then to finish of the day I went to the arcade and club.

    Tuesday – I went on the carts again, I came up to the owners lounge. I also went to our local scarecrow festival in Malton then I went back to the park to go to the football courts with some friends and then off to the play park.

    Enjoying the Go - karts!

    Enjoying the Go – karts!

    It’s mid week already and it already seems like I’ve done so much! But today the list is going to get even longer. My family and I took a stroll into our local town of Filey to grab some breakfast this morning then we jumped the bus back. When we got back to the park I went to the crazy golf then I went to Mr Moo’s in Hornsea where we get 10% off their ice cream parlour! I also went to the Donkey Derby in Filey which happens once a year and I put a bet on and won! Then I came back to the park and went on the Dodgems at the Fair and also had fun at the Aqua Jets session.

    Thursday – I’ve been up early this morning to go to the owners swim again, and then I went over to play in the arcade. Then my family and I took a walk down to the lake to feed the ducks. I also went to visit our Guarufa Fish Spa and had my feet munched on – and that was Thursday.

    Having a scare at the local Scarcrow festival!

    Having a scare at the local Scarcrow festival!

    Friday, I’m off to the pool again then I went on the go karts again, then we walked along the beach to Filey. Next we went up to The Lounge to play on the pitch and golf course; we played games outside the lounge and then our treat of the day we went to Millie’s cookies.

    It’s Saturday! The weekend is here again! And here are the things I’ve been up to today. I’ve been on; the karts, the peddleows, been to the teen club with Mat then I went to the holiday makers T-Co, then I went to watch the summer super slam wrestling, then off to the park. Then, my friends and I went to the football pitch to have a kick about. Then I went to the club to watch the Olly Murs tribute then I went for a game of pool in the arcade and that was Saturday. As I sit with Matt typing this I’m taking selfie’s with my friends – haha.

    Declan and his Nana

    Declan and his Nana

    Final day of week number two! This is flying by! Today I’ve been on; the bumper boats which I seem to be getting good at as I don’t get wet myself but everyone else gets soaked. I also went to the fair,  T-Co, I went to watch Aladdin, I went to Mr Moo’s Ice Cream parlour again, and then we all went up to The Lounge, then to Starbucks. Then to finish of the week I went on the Water Walkers – What a week!

    So there we go week number 2, next week I think I’m going to Whitby Regatta and my cousin is coming to stay with us for a few days which will be fun!