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    Project Talent!

    It was lights, camera, and action this Tuesday at Primrose Valley as it was The Project Talent Final! And what’s even more exciting is that for the first-ever we invited our Haven fans to join us via Google+ and watch the whole thing live!

    As you may know, we’ve got quite a talented bunch at our Haven parks so it was quite hard to narrow it down to just six acts to perform! There was singing, dancing, magic and even some Puppet action – we could give Britain’s got talent a run for their money!

    And I’m glad it wasn’t my job to decide who took home the crown, we left that up to some very people who themselves are very talented – our VIP guest judges.

    Who were the VIP judges?

    We had Kieran and Sarah from BGT  who also opened up the show with some amazing songs.
    Steph and Dom from Gogglebox (the posh couple) joined them and I have to say Steph looked amazing in a black jumpsuit and Dom looked a treat in his red velvet jacket.
    And last but certainly not least we had Gareth Gates.
    We are so excited to announce that Gareth will be touring our Haven parks in 2015 and boy am I pleased! (I must have spent a small fortune voting for him in his Pop Idol days!)

    How many competed at Project Talent?

    We had over a 100 FunStars compete with 34 making it through to the semi-finals, and only six being handpicked for the grand final. Did you know Cat from Kiln Park, was fast tracked through from the boot camp in February!


    What did they win?

    Not only were they competing for the grand title of ‘Project Talent winner’, they were also in the chance of winning £1000 cash prize!

    Who made it through to Project Talent?


    • Calvin and Laura from Hafan y Mor – magic & big box illusion
    • Fiona Williams from Seaview – singing mash-up of Titanium and Wrecking Ball
    • Kirsty Whittall from Primrose Valley – ventriloquist
    • Belinda Matande from The Orchards – singing the Wizard & I from Wicked
    • Ellie Whyte from Presthaven beach resort – lyrical dance about domestic violence
    • Cat Davies-Young from Kiln Park (fast tracked) – singing Bon Jovi ‘Always’


    Who were those fine presenters?

    The evening was presented by our very own Ant and Dec – Dan Sadler and Neil Dixon from Devon Cliffs.
    Looking sharp in their suits they read out live tweets (we trended number 7 on twitter!), took a selfie with the crowd and even demonstrated a ‘Dermot O’leary style leg spin’ – what more could you ask for?

    Dan even bounded up to us during the night and asked to join us for the next ‘cooking in a caravan’ which we of course accepted!


    And who won?

    Well, that would be telling! You can watch the whole thing on our Youtube channel above and as always let us know what you think. Tweet us @haven or @funstarsgolive…enjoy!