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    Relaxing Spa Breaks with Haven

    What could be better than sinking into a nice hottub, relaxing in a sauna or unwinding in a steam room? No, I can’t think of anything either!

    Escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life and get away with a Haven holiday. Make the most of the spa facilities across some of our 36 UK holiday parks.

    Treatment Rooms


    If relaxing all day on the beach, then spending the evening getting pampered in one of our treatment room sounds like fun to you then we’ve got just the place! Indulge yourself with a deep massage, a fresh new manicure or even a new hairdo in our treatment rooms. We have treatments rooms available at our parks Haggerston Castle in Northumberland and Rockley Park in Dorset. While most of our treatments are suited for 16+, we do run special sessions for any little ones that want to get involved too!



    After a jam-packed day full of activities, what better way to unwind than in a refreshingly hot sauna. Sauna’s open up your pores and have great health benefits, who knew being healthy could be this easy? Our steam rooms are available at four of our coastal holiday parks around the UK: Haggerston Castle, Hopton, Rockley Park, and Cala Gran and many more exclusively for owners. 

    To find out more about spa breaks at Haven click here!

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    Steam Room


    Steam rooms have been used for centuries for the ease of muscle tension, unblocking your pores and kick-starting your circulation. If you’re tired after a day of trying to keep up with the kids, a relaxing steam room could be just what you need! Steam rooms use misty water rather than dry heat like the sauna and can be enjoyed by holidaymakers at Cala Gran in Blackpool, and a number of parks exclusively to owners.

    Hot Tubs/ Jacuzzi 


    Whether you’ve just had a tough workout in the gym, or want a relax with loved ones away from the energetic pools, this child-free zone is the perfect place to get away from it all! The high-powered jets and warm bubbly water massages your body and is perfect for easing muscular tension. Hot tubs/jacuzzi’s are available at both Rockley Park and Haggerston Castle.



    For those of you active ones out there we also offer gym’s across some of our holiday parks. Have you over-indulged whilst on holiday? Come and work up a sweat at either Haggerston Castle, Seashore or Perran Sands.


    Have you tried any of our spa treatments yet? Let us know what you thought in the comment section below! 

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