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    A retiree’s guide to choosing the best place to buy a caravan

    We have owners that come from all different walks of life, young families, charities, retirees – just to name a few.

    And for retirees one of the main reasons for choosing to own with Haven is reliving memories. When we asked a couple of our owners in Caister, Norfolk they told us,
    ‘Why have we chosen to spend our retirement here? We have fond childhood memories of the seaside, now we have the chance to recreate them with our kids and grandkids.’
    We understand that if you’re interested in purchasing a caravan, you’re looking for a place to call your second home, and although it is a big decision, owning a caravan is an affordable option for many families.
    So, we created this guide to help you find your perfect spot on the coast and enjoy your retirement exactly the way you want to.

    Where would you like to call your back garden?

    You have a choice of 35 coastal parks to choose from with us – from Edinburgh down to Cornwall.
    You might take a liking to the cliff-top views overlooking the bay at Primrose Valley, the sandy beach at Perran Sands, or the peaks of Snowdonia as your backdrop at Hafan y Mor. You could even have a Blue-Flag beach on your doorstep if you chose to be an owner at our Devon Cliffs or Lydstep Beach!


    What type of Holiday Park would you choose?

    Everyone has a different picture of how they’d like their retirement to be but a common theme with Haven owners is that they all love being part of a community.
    Many tell us that they know more neighbours and have more friends on park than they do at home. Some like it quiet and relaxing and enjoying the local beauty spots. Others see it as their time to get involved with the many organised events on offer.

    This is the beauty of choosing to join our Haven community; there are so many options. All of our Haven parks have Exclusive Owners Clubs, day trips, parties and lots of opportunities to make friends and get involved.


    Retiree Winnie, celebrates her 40th Anniversary with us!

    Retiree Winnie, celebrates her 40th Anniversary with us!

    Choosing your location on the park itself

    Of course, it’s not just about which part of the country you choose.
    When you become an Owner with Haven you can use all the facilities on offer, so if you have small grandchild who will visit often you might want to be closer to these. Or if you’ve chosen Haven for the beach, you can choose a pitch with sea views.
    When you come on a park visit, we guide you around each area of the park, so you can soak up the atmosphere and decide which is best for you.

    Whatever you prefer, we can help you choose a location you’ll love.
    Arrange a park visit today by filling out our online form.


    What would you like to do in the area?

    If you’re going to make this location your home away from home, you’ll want to make sure there’ll be plenty for you to do in the area.
    Whether you are spending time alone or with family our friendly team can help you find activities on and around the park, that suit you down to the ground.
    From funfairs to museums and castles, a mix of cultures, the Great British coastline has plenty to keep everyone occupied – you just need to decide which stretch is best for you!
    If there is an area you have your eye on, why not learn all about our parks and their surroundings from here .


    Are there any good walks in the area?

    All our park team know the local area very well so they’ll be able to tell you where all the good walks are when you come on a park visit. Many parks have direct access to coastal paths.
    For the rest of the day, you’ll be free to explore. You could even take one of the walks the park team have suggested.
    If you’re more of a cyclist, look into the areas that have plenty of scenic cycle paths like Devon and Dorset.


    How long would you like to stay?

    Different groups and owners stay on the parks for various lengths of time.
    When you become an Owner with Haven you have the freedom to come and go as often as you desire between the months of March and November.
    The actual dates can vary from park to park but on your park visit, any member of Owners team will be able to help.


    Many of our Haven Parks have Owner run clubs for you to enjoy! Why not try bowling at Lakeland?

    Many of our Haven Parks have Owner run clubs for you to enjoy! Why not try bowling at Lakeland?

    If you don’t drive…don’t worry!

    Many of our visitors drive to the park but if you don’t drive then check out you can find all the information you will need to plan your journey. Click on the park your interested in, look under FAQ’s, then how to get here and volia! You can now see which means of travel is the best for you.

    Plus many of our parks actually have a local bus service that comes onto the park or stops just outside.
    Google Maps is great for directions from your home to your chosen park. You can change the settings to ‘by public transport’. This will give you a clear idea on times and distances.
    While you are there you could check how easy it is to reach the local attractions you’re interested in.


    Are there any nice pubs or restaurants nearby?

    All our parks have great places to eat and drink at affordable prices and owners get 20% discount! During your park visit, you’ll get the chance to talk with other holiday home owners and they are definitely the best people to ask for local recommendations.

    Top tip! As our parks are prime seaside locations, it’s only right that you’ll have to try the local Fish and Chips!


    If you would like anymore information on please call our friendly advisers on 0800 051 7402