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    Scotland is voted the most beautiful country in the world

    Rough Guide‘s reader poll has named Scotland as the most beautiful country in the world, while England and Wales also make the top 10.

    The beauty of Scotland is there for everyone to see with its rolling hills, mysterious lochs and historic castles there’s no wonder it beat the likes of Canada and New Zealand!

    Not to forget it’s the home to our gorgeous Craig Tara and Seton Sands holiday parks, so on our travels we created a guide to help you decide on the best places to visit in the world’s most beautiful country.

    If you want to take in some of the breathtaking Scottish landscape we’ve found the five most incredible highland walks to try out when you’re in the area.

    The Southern Upland Way

    This breathtaking coast-to-coast walk runs 212 miles from Portpatrick to Cockburnspath, an area which is so vast much of it is still undiscovered by walkers. But don’t let this put the kids off, there’s also a much shorter, and easier, walk for families and those who may not want to walk as far. The wonderful rolling hills surround you everywhere you wander and the countryside will surprise you with its incredible variety of wildlife.

    It’s Scotland’s only coast-to-coast footpath and a real chance for you to get involved in the country’s natural beauty.

    Loch Ness

    More famous for being the home of legendary mythical creature the Loch Ness Monster, this area of Scotland is actually a great place for some beautiful walks. You’ll stroll through some wonderful woodland and hopefully enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding countryside – all whilst hiking next to Britain’s second largest lake.

    And if wildlife is what you’re after, you may not see Nessie, but the very rare and elusive pine marten has often been spotted inhabiting the area around the Loch.

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    Fort William

    Based at the foot of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the whole of the UK and British Isles, Fort William is hugely popular with hikers. But if you head along the banks of the River Lochy you will soon find the ruins of the Inverlochy Castle, which was built in the 13th century.

    Once one of Scotland’s most crucial castles, it still remains steeped in history despite being unused for more than 150 years.

    The Speyside Way

    Beginning in a small fishing village, named Buckie on the Moray coastline, this walk is famous for people being able to spot incredible sea life including dolphins and whales. You then continue to walk along the beautiful River Spey absorbing its breathtaking scenery and wildlife before reaching the Cairngorm National Park.

    Along the way there will also be plenty of chances to stop at distilleries if you fancy a taste of some Malt Whisky!

    The Moray Coast Trail

    This walk leads you along the coast of the North-Eastern parts of Scotland and will thrill you with its stunning views and gorgeous fishing villages. The trail begins with the inland county town of Forres before you move onto the coastline and the historic village of Findhorn which is famed for its eco-community.

    Throughout this long trek you will visit many intriguing caves and sheltered coves, and while you’ll feel thrilled to get away from the world, you’ll never be too far from civilisation should you want to return.

    And even if you’re visiting one of our parks that isn’t in Scotland we’ve got good news with Wales grabbing 10th spot and England coming in at number seven in the prestigious list, beating Mexico, India and Croatia which were all part of the 20 named.

    Have you visited Scotland before? If not, has this made you consider visiting? Let us know in the comment section below!