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    Seagulls: Are things really as “beak” as they seem?

    You may have seen over the past few days that seagulls have been getting very bad press, but if you have a chip on your shoulder (or if it has been stolen by a seagull) you need to read these amazing facts!

    1) Seagulls make great parents

    Seagulls are very attentive and caring parents. Male and female gulls pair for life and they take turns looking after their eggs, then take full responsibility for feeding and protecting their chicks.

    2) They can drink like a fish

    What you may not know is that seagulls have the ability to drink both fresh and salt water. The vast majority of animals are unable to do this but seagulls have special salt glands which can also be found in sea turtles, crocodiles (which is where we get the phrase “crocodile tears”) and sharks. Comment if your mind is blown.

    3) They are A grade students

    Seagulls really are very clever birds. If you have ever had your food stolen by a seagull do not be ashamed, as they can learn, remember and even pass on behaviours, it puts them at the top of the class.



    4) Seagulls could be your spirit animal?

    Did you know that in Native American symbolism the seagull represents integrity? A very important trait to possess.

    5) Are they flying perfection?

    In a Guardian article, Stephen Moss told us these words of wisdom – ” The great evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould once wrote that a gull’s wing was about as near as nature ever gets to perfection”

    6) Do seagulls even exist? 

    There isn’t technically even such a thing as a “seagull”. They are often referred to as “gulls” due to several varieties being found in the wild. They can be found in a variety of different locations, often they choose an inland lake rather than the sea.

    seagull grass


    7) Seagulls are just like you and me, they love the beach

    As much as you may dislike seagulls you can’t help but have nostalgic childhood memories when you think of them, they really are a staple sound of the seaside. Repeat after me: “Caw caw, Caw caw”

    Have any of these facts changed your opinion of seagulls? Let us know in the comments section below!