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    The latest show-stopping developments at Greenacres

    You may have spotted that we recently announced our all singing, all dancing entertainment venue for our Lakeland Leisure Park in Flookburgh. Well they aren’t the only ones as we will be transforming Greenacres too! Our holiday park in Porthmadog will also be undergoing refurbishments to ensure we bring you the very best entertainment experience during 2020.

    As soon as we closed to guests on the 4th November 2019, it was all forces go, go go as we welcomed developers, builders and everyone in between on to park to get the work underway. As you can see, there is plenty going on and we are making some big changes!

    The brand-new Marina Bar and Stage, will replace the Live Lounge on park and will undergo a huge expansion to create a much larger and brighter space for all the best family activities and entertainment. “Just how big will this new venue be?” we hear you ask. Let us give you the numbers. We will now be able to comfortably seat over 700 people in the venue, compared with 550 previously. That’s how big it is!

    So, what changes will we be making to the venue itself? Here’s everything else you need to know:

    The Marina Bar and Stage is part of our latest developments across our parks to bring the very best entertainment and activity experience to our holiday makers and will make way for a host of exciting new shows and concepts. There will be four main parts; the Marina Bar and Stage, a new food offering and not forgetting – the Wondershop!

    The Marina Bar

    Ideal for good drinks with good company, the newly refurbished Marina Bar will be found on the left-hand side of the venue and will host everything from sports to special events. No two days are the same and you will love the ever-changing atmosphere. Sometimes cosy and intimate, sometimes loud and buzzing, there is something for all family members to enjoy

    Papa John’s

    Whether it’s refuelling after a busy evening of the very best party dances, or a cosy night-in with the family, the addition of our pizza kitchen is sure to have you covered for any eventuality. Found next to the Marina Bar, we will be serving up the very best Papa John’s®, cooked to cheesy perfection.

    The Marina Stage

    With state-of-the-art giant screens, the Marina Stage is the place to go for the very best entertainment and will sit adjacent to the bar on the right-hand side of the complex. With the new facility comes a brand-new entertainment schedule which will now be available both night and day. The fun truly never stops in the brilliant new space; from kids’ shows and interactive games, to energetic performances and musical extravaganzas, if one thing’s for sure, no matter the time, you’ll always be entertained.

    What’s more, with a new year, of course brings a whole host of new entertainment. There’s plenty of new shows to come (watch this space for some truly spectacular entertainment) including a range of interactive challenges designed specifically for the kids.

    If ever it was, seating will no longer be top of your priority list with enough tables and chairs to host an army, ensuring your entertainment experience is truly the best it can be.


    From flashing lights to popping bubbles and most importantly, our cuddly Seaside Squad members, the new Wondershop is a kid’s dream. Located next to the Marina Stage, peruse over all things fun and wonder in between the entertainment – there’s even an array of snacks!

    The brand-new complex is set to open this spring and we can’t wait for you to see the end result!

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