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    What shows have we got coming up at Haven?

    It’s an exciting week for us here at Haven because we are just putting the finishing touches to our first touring casts who are ready to hit the road this weekend on our summer tours.
    Over the last couple of weeks we have been working in partnership with TAGLimited (Talent Artistic Group) to create a trio of touring productions that will WOW, EXCITE and have your sides splitting with laughter.

    Our first touring casts will hit our Scottish and North West Parks from this weekend with the rest of the parks following suit from mid July.

    So what have they got in store for you? Here is a sneak peek of the action…


    Anything Can Happen

    The action is set on the hot and spicy streets of Morocco
    Join our loveable hero in his quest for Fame, Fortune and True Love.
    This Summer pantomime really is a wish come true…
    A current and fast paced production of this classic tale,
    Featuring some of the biggest hits of the last few years!

    Aladdin like you’ve never seen it before!



    Come and meet Cinders, Buttons, Proudlock, Fairette and off course the evil Cruella! This classic story with a modern twist, is packed with a high energy pop soundtrack. Back by popular demand be sure not to miss the magical Cinders this Summer.


    Seaside Cirque

    Close Your Eyes, Make A Wish, Count To Three

    Roll Up Roll Up for a new exclusive cirque themed production for 2014. An exciting cast perform a dynamic rock and pop concert featuring international circus performers, talented singers and stunning dancers.
    Get ready to ‘Close Your Eyes, Make a Wish and Count to Three’ in this world of Pure Imagination!
    With a soundtrack featuring all time classics through to the year’s biggest hits you’re bound to leave Seaside Cirque feeling ‘Happy Happy Happy’ in this action packed family extravaganza!

    seaside cirque

    So as you can see you are in for a real treat this summer at Haven.

    Don’t forget to tweet us your pictures of the shows @funstarsgolive

    Stay tuned to the Haven Blog and @funstarsgolive on twitter to get exclusive behind the scenes content from all of our touring shows.


    What else have we got?

    So guess what kids! We have got one of the coolest activities visiting some of our parks this summer! We guarantee you have never done anything like this before… Welcome to CAMP CARDBOARD!!!

    I’ve yet to find anything more fun than a room full of cardboard boxes and transforming them in to the biggest, coolest den ever!

    That’s what camp cardboard is, a fun interactive building project on a large scale using nothing but card board boxes, paper based tape and the creative minds of kids!

    Your challenge is to turn our Haven venues in to the most amazing cardboard world EVER!

    I was lucky enough to trial this at Kiln Park last summer and it was the most fun I’ve had in ages.

    Here are the dates Camp Cardboard will be appearing at some parks!

    Tue 15 Jul 14    Camp Cardboard Haven Seton Sands
    Wed 16 Jul 14   Camp Cardboard Haven Haggerston Castle
    Thu 17 Jul 14    Camp Cardboard Haven Berwick
    Mon 21 Jul 14   Camp Cardboard Haven Reighton Sands
    Tue 22 Jul 14    Camp Cardboard Haven Blue Dolphin
    Wed 23 Jul 14   Camp Cardboard Haven Thorpe Park
    Thu 24 Jul 14   Camp Cardboard Haven Golden Sands
    Mon 28 Jul 14  Camp Cardboard Haven Wild Duck
    Tue 29 Jul 14    Camp Cardboard Haven Hopton
    Wed 30 Jul 14  Camp Cardboard Haven The Orchards
    Mon 4 Aug 14   Camp Cardboard Haven Combe Haven
    Tue 5 Aug 14    Camp Cardboard Haven Church Farm
    Wed 6 Aug 14   Camp Cardboard Haven Rockley Park
    Thu 7 Aug 14   Camp Cardboard Haven Seaview
    Mon 11 Aug 14 Camp Cardboard Haven Weymouth Bay
    Tue 12 Aug 14  Camp Cardboard Haven Littlesea
    Wed 13 Aug 14 Camp Cardboard Haven Doniford Bay
    Thu 14 Aug 14  Camp Cardboard Haven Burnham-on-Sea
    Mon 18 Aug 14 Camp Cardboard Haven Kiln Park
    Tue 19 Aug 14  Camp Cardboard Haven Quay West
    Wed 20 Aug 1  Camp Cardboard Haven Greenacres
    Thu 21 Aug 14 Camp Cardboard Haven Presthaven Sands
    Tue 26 Aug 14 Camp Cardboard Haven Lakeland
    Wed 27 Aug 1  Camp Cardboard Haven Cala Gran
    Thu 28 Aug 14 Camp Cardboard Haven Marton Mere

    Tweet us your pics of your crazy cardboard castles to @funstarsgolive

    For more information on Camp Cardboard check out Camp Cardboard here!