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A simple way to attract birds in to your garden with David Domoney

For 2016, Haven has partnered with ITV celebrity gardener David Domoney as he becomes Haven’s Gardening Ambassador. David will be here to showcases all manner of gardening hints and tips for the whole family alongside explaining how to make your holiday home look it’s best with all manner of floral and fauna.

David Domoney is back again, this time showing you how to attract and engage with more birds this summer. Creating a ball like this helps to attract a wide variety of species right to your garden; it also provides a great boost of calories for birds especially in the summer when the ground is dry, making it harder to find food.

How to recreate this video:


Essential for making the ball, it is what binds all the ingredients together and enables the birds to feed from it with ease.
Where to buy – Lard



Using string means that the ball can be hung anywhere in your garden and makes it easy for lots of birds to fees at one time.
Where to buy – String 



Adding raisins or sultanas will keep those birds coming back for more.
Where to buy – Raisins 


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It does not matter what nuts you use; however, only use peanuts if they are unsalted and fresh.
Where to buy – Nuts 



Muesli is a great way of getting a variety of flavours into the ball inexpensively (make sure that you have enough so you get the ball as full as possible).
Where to buy – Muesli


Bird seed

Different seed will attract different birds. Small seeds, such as millet, attract mostly house sparrows and finches where as maize is preferred by blackbirds
Where to buy – Bird Seed


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