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    Six inspirational ideas to help refresh your garden

    Are you searching for ways to make your garden look even better but on a limited budget? We’ve dug deep (excuse the pun) to find our favourite, easy-to-execute ideas that are excellent for sprucing up your garden. From mini ponds to a plant display there is something please everyone, use these as some inspiration for creating your own unique patch of greenery.

    Birdcage Baskets

    We’ll start with something simple. Unleash your plant within this birdcage and put the old hanging basket idea to rest. Pop a trailing geranium inside and let it bloom. You could even hang different sized cages next to each other to make your display really eye-catching.

    hanging basket

    (Source: Pinterest/Helga Noack)


    Herb Garden in a BBQ

    If you’ve recently upgraded your grill, or simply have a spare one lying about, why not turn your BBQ into a herb garden? In turn, you’ll be able to garnish your meals straight from your own garden. Winner winner.

    Find the how-to guide here.

    bbq herb garden



    Pallet Garden

    If you fancy yourself as a bit of an upcycler, or perhaps a design magpie, you could always create your very own pallet garden. This is a great DIY project for two people to work on, and once in bloom it’s super eye-catching. (P.S. We tend to find garden centres can have spare pallets lying about.)

    Find the how-to guide here.




    Bathtub Gardening

    If growing herbs and plants in a barbecue isn’t your cup of tea, why not consider another container? We like the idea of this bathtub-style creation. You could go for galvanized metal which would keep the look modern, but distinctly old-school in shape. Ebay is an excellent place to source unique finds, such as old dolly tubs or big metal kettles for smaller plants.

    Find the how-to guide here.

    bath tub

    Ladder Mini Garden

    If you can’t grow out, why not grow up? If you’re a fan of DIY, this idea should tick all of your boxes. We’d personalise this by “planting” the ladder in its own soil-filled base, and bed some climbers at the bottom (such as evergreen Clematis) so that the wood becomes part of the greenery.

    Find the how-to guide here.

    ladder plants



    Pond in a Pot

    Creating a small-scale water feature is relatively easy, but makes a big impact on the atmosphere of your garden. You could invest in a few goldfish to keep yourself (and the grandkids) entertained!

    Find a how-to guide here.

    pot pond


    Do you have any unique garden ideas? What’s your favourite of the ones we listed about? Let us know in the comments section below!