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    Sports Activities To Do With Your Pet!

    There are many different sporting activities that you can do with your pet that can be a great bonding technique and also include all of the obvious health benefits too! Instead of leaving your pets at home alone and heading to a sweaty gym, bring them outside and get some good exercise together in the great outdoors!


    Taking your dog on a hike is great exercise for you both and also a great bonding experience. If you’re going out for a long walk or hike with the family on holiday, don’t leave the dog at home! Whilst you take in the beautiful surroundings your dog will love the wide open spaces and enjoy finding new smells that they might not have experienced before! Hiking is a great way to explore new places and learn about the history of an area whilst taking in breath taking scenery, so take the whole family along to join in the fun! There are many great places to hike in the areas around our parks including The Lake District, North Wales and Somerset!


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    Dog Yoga, known as Doga, is a relatively new form of exercise that has come to the UK from America! Doga combines the normal practice of Yoga for example stretching, meditation and gentle massage – with your fury friends! It helps your dog to relax and pick up on your energy by breathing in sync with one another. This one isn’t as much exercise for your pets but it is definitely a great bonding activity for the two of you to get close and work together!


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    Why not take your pet to a dog friendly beach and enjoy some fun in the sun. Your dog will love the wide open space of the beach and the sand between their fury toes as they playfully run around in the sand. Take them into the sea for a swim, your dog can get some great exercise and you can both enjoy the Great British sea!


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    Instead of running on the spot on a treadmill, take your dog out for a run. Running makes for great exercise for both of you and the fresh air will also do you good! See how far you can go and spend some quality time for your beloved pet. Can you keep up with your four legged friend?!


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    Have some fun in the park and go for a game of Frisbee or catch with your dog. You can work on your technique and your dog can have some fun, stretch their legs and have a run around!


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    Have you got a pet that you love to try new things with? Let us know what sporting activities you get up to with your pet in the comment section below!