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    How to have your own sports day at home!

    2016 is all about sports so why not try and make your own sports day for your kids this summer?  It’s easy to run out of things for your kids to do over the summer holidays, but we have a solution! This simple guide to recreating your own sports day means you can keep your little ones busy whilst having fun. Why not invite other children to make it a larger event and more fun… the bigger, the better!

    We also know how temperamental the weather is here in the UK so have provided fun indoor sports day events just in case the sun isn’t shining!

    What you will need:

    Certificates: A great way to congratulate everyone that took part and maybe did not get a medal.

    • Printed certificates

    Flags: These can be made by the all the team members decorating to make their own special flag representing them.

    • Large Paper
    • Colouring / craft tools

    Mascots: To give them some luck and raise team spirit.

    • Favourite teddies!

    Medals: To give to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each of the different events.

    • Chocolate medals
    • Ribbon

    For Events Outdoor:

    • Thick tape
    • Boiled eggs
    • Spoons
    • Bean bags / Sock with ball in
    • Football
    • Chalk

    For Events Indoor:

    • A4 Paper
    • Bottle Caps
    • Timer
    • Bath tub
    • Water bottles filled with water
    • Hoops
    • Paper balls
    • Plastic cups/ Speed stacking cups

    Running order of the day:

    Open Ceremony –

    – Split the children into teams
    – Chose their team name
    – Chose their mascot
    – Start decorating flags


    Events begin –

    Outdoor Games:

    • Three legged race: Two children represent each team. Tie their legs together with thick tape, and they have to race from one side of the garden and back.

    3 legged race

    • Egg & Spoon relay: Each Child has a spoon, split the team in half and have them sit at opposite ends of the garden. Each child runs once and the egg is passed between them, first team to have all run wins. 

    egg spoon

    • Throwing Contest: Each team has a bean bag, the furthest one thrown wins. Every time a teams record is beat put a marker at the furthest point. 


    • Beat the Goalie:Kids have to score against parent, the children take it in turns. All of them get 2 goes each, most goals win. 


    • Long jump:  With chalk on the pavement draw a ruler-like long jump chart starting at 1. From standing still they must jump from 0, the furthest jump wins.


    Indoor Games:

    • Paper plane throwing: Make Paper planes themselves, the furthest thrown wins.

    papaer airplane

    • Bottle cap racing:Everyone gets a bottle cap and has to blow it from one end of the bath to the other (one at a time). The one that does it in the quickest time wins.

    bottle capSource:

    • Hoopla: Put bottles in a triangle formation (with the point furthest away). Children have to chuck hoops over water bottles, if they get the hoop on the Closer bottles they get less points.


    • Paper ball beat the goalie: Using their fingers, children have to kick the ball through a small goal that parents fingers are defending. Everyone gets two turns, team to score the most wins. 

    paper ball

    • Speed stacking: Create the formation below, the fastest person to create and then collapse the formation wins


    Closing ceremony  

    Give out medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each event

    Hand out all certificates

    1st 2nd1


    We love getting active at Haven. Let us know your favourite sport activity in the comments section below!